Steam Voyager

Steam Voyager

The Steam Voyager is a Fantasy Steampunk inspired vehicle. It is completely rigged, from the helm instruments to the hatch handles. Propellers and engine pulleys have been set up to spin for all eternity. Perfect for animation! There's a detailed helm area for renders, as well as a very accessible cabin for creating your unique scenes. The Cabin comes as a wearable prop, which can be loaded separately for convenient pose setups. The Cabin has it's own pose controls, in it's main Parameters Tab, to open all the walls for easy viewing/control. Included is a Trunk, that is also a stand alone prop, that also has handy posing controls for the strap and lid. The sails load as individual props, allowing for a single sail, or all three sails. You decide.

Included in this set is a fully rigged Posing Deck, Posing Bow and Posing Helm. They load un-textured (though share default surfaces). Giving you CPU friendlier props for creating/checking your character poses. The included Posing Cabin, will load exactly where it is meant to as well. Making in-and-out-of hatch poses a breeze to create. All hatch and helm instrument poses for the Posing Deck, Posing Bow and Posing Helm can be saved for later use on the Steam Voyager in your final scenes (note: applies only for the Hull and extended children bones - not main prop axis parameters). The main Vehicle has a bank of pose controls in the Parameters Tab for all it's moving parts (no need to dig through the bones).

A handful of starter poses are included. There are matching prop poses also as required by some of the poses. I am sure you will have lots of fun with this set. .OBJ's are included.

What's Included and Features

  • Steam Voyager (.DUF)
  • Full Preload
  • Steam Voyager, Posing Deck, Posing Bow & Posing Helm:
    • Voyager Bank Left-Right
    • Steer Left-Right
    • Motor Full Power
    • Motor Spin
    • Propeller Left Spin
    • Propeller Rear Spin
    • Propeller Right Spin
    • Boiler Door Handle Turn
    • Boiler Door Open
    • Boiler Needle Empty-Full
    • Boiler Valve Tap Turn
    • Hatch Back Open
    • Hatch Front Open
    • Lever Back Center Push-Pull
    • Lever Back Push-Pull
    • Lever Front Center Front Push-Pull
    • Lever Front Push-Pull
    • Seat Back Down
    • Seat Base Down
    • Seat Fold Away
    • Seat Foot Rest Swing
    • Seat Lever Move
    • Whistle Pull
    • Sandbags Forward-Back
    • Sandbags Left-Right
    • Sandbag Left Forward-Back
    • Sandbag Left Left-Right
    • Sandbag Left Spin
    • Sandbag Right Back Forward-Back
    • Sandbag Right Back Left-Right
    • Sandbag Right Back Spin
    • Sandbag Right Front Forward-Back
    • Sandbag Right Front Left-Right
    • Sandbag Right Front Spin
    • Telescope Adjust Knob
    • Telescope Focus Back
    • Telescope Focus Front
    • Telescope Main Knob
    • Telescope Spin
    • Telescope Tilt
    • Telescope Up-Down
  • Back Rails
  • Bunk
  • Cabin:
    • Ceiling Forward-Back
    • Ceiling Left-Right
    • Ceiling Raise
    • Open All Panels
    • Wall Back Open
    • Wall Left Open
    • Wall Right Open
  • Front Rails
  • Ladder
  • Pillow:
    • Pillow Sleep
  • 2 Bed Sheets
  • 3 Sails
  • Trunk:
    • Buckle Swing
    • Lid Open
    • Strap Bottom Bend 01-03
    • Strap Bottom Twist
    • Strap Loose 01-02
    • Strap Squeeze
    • Strap Top Bend 01-02
    • Strap Top Twist
  • Additional Preloads:
    • Load All Sails
    • Fit All to Steam Voyager
    • Fit Bedding to Cabin
    • Fit Ladder to Cabin
    • Posing Bow - Fit Rails
    • Posing Helm - Fit Rails
  • Material Options:
    • Default Steam Voyager H.Mats
    • Lamps On/Off
    • Bedding H.Mats
    • Boiler Coal Default/Hot
    • Cabin Mats (Select Cabin)
    • Ladder Mats
    • Posing Deck Mats
    • Trunk Mats
  • Starter Poses:
    • 2 Standing at Helm (Male & Female)
    • 1 Sitting at Helm (Male & Female)
    • 1 Viewing at Telescope (Male & Female)
    • 1 Standing at the Rail (Female)
    • 1 Sitting on the Rail (Male)
    • 1 Sleeping in Bunk (Male & Female)
    • Reset Poses for Voyager, Telescope, Trunk & Posing Deck
  • Textures Include:
    • 124 Texture, Bump, Displacement, Specular, Reflection and Normal Maps (2048 x 2048 up to 4096 x 4096)
  • Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)

Compatible Figures:

Genesis 8 Female, Genesis 8 Male

Compatible Software:

DAZ Studio 4.10

Install Types:

Daz Connect, Install Manager, Manual Install

Compatible figures: