Zirael Flyte Hatchback Family Car

Zirael Flyte Hatchback Family Car

Introducing the Zirael Flyte, an affordable midsize four-wheel drive vehicle that looks just as good on a Friday night in town as it does off the road.

Designed to help your renders tell your stories, it comes in both left-hand drive and right-hand drive configurations. Each version has several rigged features and some amazing scripts to let you easily customize the vehicle plates and displays. Forget about pesky postwork to change the clock time, the temperatures shown, the speed, or revs per minute.

And I think you'll be excited by the possibilities that the license plate customization offers. Plate designs and backgrounds from North America and Europe are included, along with the ability to customize the lettering in one easy step. And the plates are standalone props, so you can make good use of them on other vehicles that don't offer the same flexibility.

The front seats are fully rigged and can be adjusted forward, backward, up, and down, and the back tilts in both directions. The rear seats also fold flat, allowing plenty of room for cargo-hauling or car-camping scenes. The instrument needles, gearstick, pedals, glovebox, visors, center console container, and cubby are all functional.

As you might expect from the maker of the Dirty Dishes assets, it comes with an exterior car dirt asset and decals for the four wheels. There's a simple script included to easily toggle the dirt visibility on or off without needing to look through the object/bone hierarchy.

There are seatbelts provided: static unworn variants that can be swapped out for rigged seat belts when they need to be worn. Also included are some basic positioning pose presets for Genesis 8 Male and Genesis 8 Female to make it easy to position the figures quickly so you can quickly work on fine-tuning your own poses.

Did I mention that the hood and hatch open? They do! And so does the fuel flap — and there's a removable fuel cap inside. There's even an engine to see with a detachable radiator cap and a dipstick to play with. There are flat tire morphs included on the wheels, and there's a functional scissor jack ready for those roadside scenes.

The Zirael Flyte has a pdf user guide included that explains how you can readily customize the music, phone, and map screens using the LIE editor, or you can use any of the included presets.

If that sounds good to you, I invite you to take the Zirael Flyte for a test drive in your Daz Studio scenes today.

What's Included and Features

  • Zirael Flyte Hatchback Family Car (.DUF)
    • Zirael Flyte Left Hand Drive Subset
    • Zirael Flyte Right Hand Drive Subset:
      • Spin Wheels (all wheels)
      • Open Window Front Left/Right
      • Open Window Rear Left/Right
      • Open Sunroof Shade
      • Open Door Front Left/Right
      • Open Door Rear Left/Right
      • Back Seat Flat Left/Right
      • Steering
      • Temperature
      • Tachometer
      • Speedometer
      • Fuel
      • Open Hood
      • Open Hatch
      • Seat Up (for front seats only)
      • Seat Forward (for front seats only)
      • Tilt Seat
      • Headrest Up
      • Open Fuel Door
      • Visor Up
      • Cover Open (visor mirror covers)
      • Rotate Up Down (rear view mirror)
      • Rotate Left-Right (rear view mirror)
      • Tilt Down (Steering column)
      • Wheel Up (each wheel hub)
      • Move Brake Pedal
      • Move Accelerator Pedal
      • Open Cubby
      • Open Lid
      • Glovebox
    • Props:
      • Wheels
        • Flat Tire for Front Left/Right
        • Flat Tire for Rear Left/Right
      • Zirael Flyte Car Key
      • Spare Tire
        • Flat Tire
      • Fuel Cap
      • Zirael Flyte Dipstick
        • Dipstick Longer
      • Zirael Flight Dirt
      • Zirael Flyte Engine
      • Zirael Flyte Radiator Cap
      • Zirael Flyte Jack
        • Raise Jack
      • Zirael Flyte Jack Crank
      • Zirael Flyte Jack Crank Handle
      • Zirael Flyte Wheel Nut
      • Zirael Flyte LHD
      • Zirael Flyte RHD
      • Seatbelt Worn Front Left/Right
      • Seatbelt Worn Rear Left/Right
      • Seatbelt Unworn Front Left/Right
      • Seatbelt Unworn Rear Left/Right
      • EU Plate and Surround Front
      • EU Plate and Surround
        • Slide Text Right
      • US Plate and Surround Front
        • Slide Text Right
      • US Plate and Surround
        • Slide Text Right
    • Materials:
      • Black Metallic
      • Blue Metallic
      • Dark Blue Metallic
      • Dark Green Metallic
      • Grey Metallic
      • Leaf Green Metallic
      • Silver Metallic
      • White Metallic
      • Yellow Metallic
    • Exterior Lights
      • Brake Lights OFF (Day)
      • Brake Lights OFF (Night)
      • Brake Lights ON
      • Exterior Lights OFF/ON
      • Indicators Left/Right ON
      • Hazard Lights ON
      • Indicators OFF
      • Reverse Lights OFF/ON
    • Interior Lights
      • Cabin Lights OFF/ON
      • Electronics OFF/ON
      • Instrument Cluster OFF/ON
      • Instrument Cluster Startup
      • Center Screen OFF
    • GPS Screens
      • City Center
      • City Freeway
      • City Suburbs
      • Coastal
      • Coastal2
      • Desert
      • Rural Freeway
      • Rural Lakes
    • Music Screens
      • Callonetta, The Wolven Storm
      • KinK 4th, Wall Drop
      • Ellen Lane, Plastic Console
      • Lexi Dimante, As it Falls
      • Melody, Dark Horse
    • Phone Screens
      • Cutey
      • Doctor
      • Emergency 111/911/999
      • Honey
      • Unknown Caller
      • Work
    • Non-Paint Body Materials
    • Car Dirt Materials
      • Brown Dirt
      • Grey Dirt Dry
      • Yellow Clay
      • Yellow Clay Wet
      • Yellow Clay Drying
      • Rain Drops
      • Rain Drops Wipers On
    • Zirael Wheel Materials
      • Wheels Materials
      • Wheels Less shiny
  • Poses (for both Genesis 8 Male and Female)
    • Drive Pose 1 Front Left/Right
    • Seated Front Left/Right
    • Seated Rear Left/Right
    • PDF User Guide
  • Scripts:
    • Set License Plate Number
    • Toggle Dirt Visibility
    • Set Climate Control Temperature
    • Set Clock Time
    • Set Outside Temperature
    • Zirael Flyte Userguide
    • 12 informational message popups
  • Textures Include:
    • 162 Texture, Normal, Roughness, and Transparency Maps (4096 x 4096)
  • Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)

Compatible Figures:

Genesis 8 Female, Genesis 8 Male

Compatible Software:

Daz Studio 4.21

Install Types:

DazCentral, Daz Connect, DIM, Manual Install