Sunrise Clam Diggers 2

Sunrise Clam Diggers 2

Normally I avoid having people, houses, or vehicles in my photos. (Well, except for the roads collections, which have roads or trails.) However, in THIS set, I have distant houses (shrouded in fog), vehicle tracks on the beach, people tracks on the beach, cars on the beach, and people digging for clams.

However, you'll probably look at the photos and say "where are they?". This beach was WIDE, especially at low tide. I'd say it was at least a half mile from the cliffs to the waves. (Long, LONG walk from the stairs to the "wet zone".) Yes, those tiny little dots about half the height of the waves are adult humans. And they're silhouetted so that details aren't visible. That means you don't have to have them as clam diggers in your final artwork. They could be pirates. Or the crew off of a 17th century sailing boat. Or aliens landing. (At least in the pictures without cars on the beach, those rather give it away. Though, it has been pointed out that aliens would leave the cars, and pirates would steal them.)

All photos are 2816x2112 (5.95 megapixels, 180 dpi)

Stock Photography for Daz Studio and Poser