Beach Backgrounds 3

Beach Backgrounds 3

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More beaches! Wow! Party! Background Images.

Product Description: 21 photos ranging from 1600x956 (1.5 megapixel) to 3000x4000 or 4000x3000 (12 megapixels).

These big beautiful photos show a variety of moods, weather, conditions, and camera angles. They are of late-winter/early-spring Washington State beaches, which have frequent storms walking towards them over the mighty Pacific Ocean. The beaches are bordered by eroded cliffs where trees are permanently bent from the constant winds.

These beaches saw Native Americans in the past, explorers from Europe and Russia in the 1700s, European settlers in the 1800s, and those traveling to the Alaskan gold rush in the early 1900s. Currently, the locals drive on the beach in old pickup trucks and dig clams.

These photos would be the perfect backdrops for your pictures of pirates, mermaids, shipwrecks, beach combers, dragons, or whatever you can think of. You could even use these photos as pictures on the walls of your 3D peeps' dwellings. I left space in each photograph for characters, vehicles or buildings when I took the pictures; however, each picture will stand alone.

My only editing to the photos were to remove people, vehicles, signs and garbage. (Note: If I could tell where I made the edit after having done it, then the edited photo didn't make the final cut for the packet. You won't be able to tell where the edits were.)


Software Compatibility: Anything that will open a .jpg file.

3rd party products needed to use this product: probably a graphics program

Installation Instructions: Unzip to the location where you'd like to keep your background photos.

Usage Instructions: Use as a background to that girl in the skimpy bikini, or the pirates landing on the beach. Your choice....

Requirements:  Any program that opens jpg files.

Stock Photography for Poser and Daz Studio