Mount Rainier Backgrounds

Mount Rainier Backgrounds

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Wild & Beautiful Mount Rainier backgrounds!

Twenty-five photos of Mount Rainier National Park including trails, roads, the mountain itself, woodsy places, and meadows in full bloom. All of the photos, except for four, have a place in front for your characters to stand.

The other four (one meadow valley, and three wild "gardens") have plenty of AIR space for flying creatures. The gardens could house creatures such as fairies, or butterflies. The valley (photos 22-25) would be great for dragons.

What's Included & Features

Images (.jpg)
25 photos
- 2 at 3000 x 4000 (12 megapixels)
- 1 at 3200 x 3000 (9600 megapixels)
- 22 at 4000 x 3000 (12 megapixels)

When using 2D backgrounds in Poser, Daz Studio or Photoshop, remember that the light in the photo is the way the light in the photo is going to be. You'll want to match the direction, intensity, and color of the light on your characters and props.

Stock Photography for Poser and Daz Studio