AtoZ Kudos Transport Tubes Plus I v1 Poser and DS

AtoZ Kudos Transport Tubes Plus I v1 Poser and DS

AtoZ Kudos Transport Tubes PLUS I v1 Poser And DAZ 3D
The challenge... Move personnel and equipment across the surface of Kudos with zero exposure to the highly corrosive atmosphere and an absolute minimum exposure to the high surface radiation levels which vary from dangerous to deadly on Kudos.

Thanks to CrySteel an alloy material extruded from Shard crystals, the nearly* indestructable building materials exist. Yes, the Towers that are on the surface are covered with thin sheets of this material and the DragonFire Attack craft are as well. Without these Towers and Ships atmospheric surface protection for the floating land masses of Kudos would impossible. And protection would only be possible from orbit. Because the surface of Kudos is littered with that which every pirate in the universe would love to plunder, not having surface protection was simply unacceptable!

Now, let's talk about the transparent yellow tinted Crysteel Transport Tube Systems that are on the surface of Kudos!

#1 Good News! The corrosive atmosphere cannot touch indestructable Crysteel, so that was one potential danger that the transport tubes were and are safe from... Of course, that was once the engineers figured out all the ways they could manipulate energies in order to create controllable shapes, like snaking curves and bends out of Shard! If you add this AtoZ Set to your Libraries, you have full control over the included 25, 50 and 75 section Super-Flex tubes included for and bends your route may follow. These along with the AtoZ ULTRA Mount will allow you to move your Transport Tubes through your terrains! Do be careful as all bends must allow for Pods' passage! To tight a turn and your pods will jam in the tube!

#2 Problem number two was the more difficult of the two... The radiation exposure became the really difficult thing to control. In the end these CrySteel tubes were evacuated to 0 atmospheres, so the pods would experience no air friction. Next, the Transport Pods were fitted to the tubes with such precision that the designed CrySteel Seals at both ends traveled frictionlessly through the tubes while creating a near perfect seal. Magnetic Propulsion systems were tested and perfected so that a pod could be accelerated at a constant 6gs. The longest journey on Kudos from secure underground bases to towers was planned so that a pod could travel 800 miles to its center point at 6gs. At the center, the pod's consoles for an operator reversed. So at that mid point suddenly the Pod was in freefall. Then the Pod was deaccelerated at a matching -6gs. At mid point the pods were traveling nearly at 20 thousand miles an hour. So a one way trip limited the operator's exposure time to roughly 6 minutes! Problem solved!

Towers were equipped with extra exit doors which every opeerator prayed they would never have to use, but Kudos had another danger. Ferocious storms with winds that were supersonic could threaten a tower. Of coure, once the Tower closed its dome's panels the storm could just rattle the structure not harm it. The real problem was Kudos' ultra long duration lightning "Panels". Read more about their danger in later chapters of "Way Station II" the Amazon published first book of the "The Chronicles of Kudos".

So what do you get in this set to build with?
Super-Flex ERC Controlled 25 segment Tube
Super-Flex ERC Controlled 50 segment Tube
Super-Flex ERC Controlled 75 segment Tube
The amazing Ultra-Mount that is explained in detail in the Promo Pictures! (click on it's pieces and parts to control it as shown)
Solid Bent 45 Degree Angle Tube
Solid Bent 90 Degree Angle Tube
A Straight Tube
A Strengthing Collar
A Joining Union
And a "Loader" in two formats one simply up scaled by 160 percent to use with the AtoZ DragonFire Launch Tower
1 POD #3 designed for Droid loading and unloading (Articulated Cover limitation)
1 POD #4 Double Hinged Cover for normal human beings and other creatures.
1 POD #5 Cargo "Sled" for pieces parts and inorganic item transport.

BONUS (Preloads):
1 Super-Flex Tube with a ULTRA-Mount at each end
1 Straight CrySteel Tube with 3 ULTRA-Mounts
1 Straight CrySteel Tube with 3 ULTRA-Mounts AND a POD #4


Poser Files: Readme's>TJM>Kudos
Geometries>TJM>Kudos and Misc
Textures>TJM>Kudos (Note: Tubes are not mapped or textured)
Character>TJM>Kudos>Kudos Transport PLUS and >AtoZ EZ2Use>
Props>TJM>Kudos>Transport Tubes Plus


DAZ Studio 3D Files:
My Lbrary>
Runtime (as listed in POser above)
Scene Subsets>Kudos AtoZ>Kudos Transport Plus and >AtoZ EZ2Use>

I hope you decide to add this AtoZ Kudos offering to your Libraries, if you do so, may I thank you in advance!

Copyright 2019 Tim Machan's AtoZ, Inc.
Please read the included Renderosity LICENSE.txt which applies to any AtoZ products purchased here at Renderosity!

Poser 7+, Daz Studio 4

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