AtoZ SciFi Passenger Skiff I v1

AtoZ SciFi Passenger Skiff I v1

AtoZ SciFi Passenger Skiff 01 v1 - (Please check out the AtoZ SciFi Skiff Bundle before you add this skiff to your libraries)
It's the end of the line... Home sweet home just ahead! The ride to and from that cold and dark mine is a long one. Thanks be, unless there's any ground turbulence the skiff just glides along and because my stop is at the end of the run I can usually get about an hour of sleep. Of course that depends on whose talkative and if any one has a juicy or gruesome story to tell. After the town about a half hour back, I'm usually alone and Stanley who almost always is my pilot and I are almost alone. So Stanley has no stories and the two other passengers in front of me are quiet. I was asleep but the skiff stopped a little roughly because Stanley had to slow to wait for a cargo shuttle to cross our path. It's carrying a Ravager in a containment cage. Maybe its the one that's been screaming at night keeping the light sleepers in my town awake? AT least it's being relocated. Yup, some communities welcome those beasts because they keep the smaller beasties away. I even heard that one village chains Ravagers at a distance for protection!

Passenger Skiffs like this one are heavily used on many of the mining guild's worlds. They can carry up to 36 with their baggage. Interestingly as a carry over from the ships that ply the seas on other worlds, the helm of these skiffs has a "spoked steeringwheel". Powered by twin fuel tanks that also serve at one end as the thrusters and the other as the brakes, so these are great for directional control. On the underside are the lifters that are used of course for lift and stability plus serve extremely well in windy conditions for overall control.
This type of skiff was used for both settlement to settlement travel for workers, or predominately for miners, mechanics and the the occasional administrator who might need to visit the mines or settlements. Each Passenger Skiff was equipped with two gated loading ramps that allow easy access for one to step up onto when the skiff when it is resting on its ground skids. Each carries a hand print identification scanner with a top ticket slot so passengers could verify themselves and take a seat. Space is also provided bow (just behind the pilot's deck) and stern behind the last row of seats.

Small remote off world settlements would have been completely ignored, which was probably the way the settlers would have preferred it. But, even for as remote as they were far from the standard trade routes and from that which many would call the very necessities that civilization provided, there were the mines.
So, of course, large mining conglomerates (the Mining Guild) came, and valuable ores were taken by either being unearthed, leaving jagged and scarred landscapes, or in many cases dug out of mines deep underground, these colonies on these low gravity worlds became industrialized. Transportation of ores, and goods and services were moved settlement to settlement and to a few scattered spaceports almost soley by a variety of these skiffs. These platforms were designed each for a particular purpose.

By the way, due to the thin air environment of these low gravity planets, no windshields are necessary even though the skiffs can move a quite high velocities.

This model only has Six Articulated components. From back to front there are:
1-2) Twin (separate ERC controls) Entry and Exit Gates that allow access to the seating.
Next are the Standardized Helm Controls:
3) At the Front you'll see the "wheeled" Helm for steering
4) On the Right of the Helm is the Power On/Off and Directional Multi-Function Switch turn it left to backup, right to go forward, centered to turn the engines off. By the way turning further left or right increases lift. So make sure to get your skiff up off its skids before pressing the accelerator!
5) At the Pilot's feet to the left is the Brake
6) Next to the brake is the Accelerator... Have Fun!


In this set you get both the AtoZ SciFi Passenger Skiff New and Dirty as figures.

IMPORTANT: The AtoZ Skiff Bundle comes with all three skiffs and two additional Bonus Materials for ALL items: Rusty and Steampunk!
Here's what comes with the AtoZ Passenger Skiff:

Figure Files in:
SciFi Passenger Skiff 01 Dirty.cr2
SciFi Passenger Skiff 01 New.cr2
Prop Files in:
Smart Wheel Round.pp2 (embeded in the .cr2 files)
Wheel Round 01.pp2
Pose Files in:
SciFi Passenger Skiff 01 Dirty.pz2
SciFi Passenger Skiff 01 New.pz2
Geometry Files in:
Texture Files in:
Also in these files in:
This file... AtoZ SciFi Passenger Skiff 01 v1.txt (and)

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