Koenzedd Gemra

Koenzedd Gemra

A highly upgraded family car, the Koenzedd Gemra creates a new hybrid of a multi-passanger vehicle with a sporty look. It's able to seat 4 individuals and carries a sleek look inside and out for a comfortable ride.

Featuring lots of interactivity such as:
Opening the doors
Opening and closing windows
Turning the wheels
Turning the steering wheel
Changing gears (behind the steering wheel)
Pressing pedals
Adjusting seats
Opening the hood (storage sapce)
Opening the boot (also storage space and part engine)
3 storage compartments
Adjustable mirror
Rotating windshield wiper

The spoiler is separate at the rear and is able to be removed if desired.
Note that the engine does is not separated in this vehicle as the window exposes it at all times.

OBJ included for other use

Transportation for Poser and Daz Studio