VGF-14 Wildcat VGF-X Add-On for Poser

VGF-14 Wildcat VGF-X Add-On for Poser

In an effort to provide a heavier weapons load and better protection for the Wildcat, Earth Avionics began working on a heavily modified variant. Intended to augment the basic VGF-14D with internal Mini-Missile Pods, enhanced Heavy Thrust Engines and longer range, the VGF-X project quickly overloaded the original design limits of the air-frame.

Instead of continuing to develop the VGF-X as an Armour Pack, Earth Avionics shifted focus to incorporate the planned features into a new aircraft, the YF-35 Warthog, for continued testing. The new design proved worthy of further development, and the AVF-35 Wildhog has been accepted for advanced Combat Trials and a limited pre-production run.

Though abandoned as a project of its own, there are a number of experimental VGF-X examples still stored at various testing facilities awaiting final disposition and scrapping. Perhaps an enterprising Pilot could find a use for the remaining experimental parts!

Here are some of the highlights:

*Over 50 Points of Articulation on the main figure!
*Moving parts include:Back-Pack, Missile Pods, Mini-missiles (30 total), Tail-fins, Rudders, Deploy-able Emergency Drag Chute, Arrestor Hook, and more!
*Separate Conforming Torso Missile Pack with pose-able parts including Mini-Missiles. This Missile Pod shares mapping with the base VGF-14 Figure and can use any Mat Pose made for the base texture set!
*Separate Smart-parented Arm and Leg Pods with rigging to be fully pose-able figures that can accept pz2 poses and materials. These share common mapping with the VGF-14 LEO Booster Set and can accept any textures made for this set!
*Independent ERC controls on the various parts for complete control of most vital functions from 1 location.
*Numerous Action Pose Presets for Aircraft Mode configuration specifically set up to pose the aircraft with the VGF-X parts attached.
*Includes a pose preset to prepare the VGF-14 to have the packs added (This also hides the back-pack on the main figure so that the new torso parts will display properly)! Find it in your Poses library in "Chris's Mechs > VGF-14 Wildcat > VGF-X Aircraft Poses", and it is labeled "VGF-X Fit Pose". You will need to apply the preset before you load and conform the parts for the VGF-X add-on set!

*Fit-to Poses for the Gun-pod and Chaff Pod in Aircraft Mode to accommodate the extra parts.

Specifically UV Mapped to accept all optional texture mat poses for the parent VGF-14 Wildcat figure!

*NOTE! In Poser you will need to use the ERC dials for transformation on the "Body" of the VGF-X Back-Pack to match those found on the parent VGF-14 Wildcat to fully transform the VGF-X add-on pack for each mode.

Software: Poser 7+

Required Products: VGF-14 D Wildcat (for Poser)

Transportation for Poser and Daz Studio