Volvo V40 2000 in 3ds and obj format - Extended License

Volvo V40 2000 in 3ds and obj format - Extended License

Volvo V40 2000 in 3ds and obj format. The Volvo V40 is a small family car, available in five-door hatchback form. It is built on the modified Ford C1 platform which was used by the Volvo C30, S40, V50, and C70 models with modifications to the electric power steering, and revised spring and damper settings.

This digital model is based on the 2000 version of the Volvo V40.

Product Features:
- Approx 142,864 polygons.
- Made entirely with 3 point polygons (triangles).
- Digitally scanned from the actual car, which gives the digital model a highly accurate shape.
- Has an interior cabin, which can be seen through the windows.
- Includes group information, which your software should interpret as separate parts, which includes:
-- All 4 wheels
-- Steering wheel
-- All 4 doors
-- Trunk
-- Left and right seats
-- 2 levers near the steering wheel
- Includes logically named materials, such as BodyMetal, Tires, Headlight Glass, and more. This makes it very easy to recolor the model.
- This version includes an mtl file, which your software program should read to colorize the model.
- The model has basic UV mapping and textures for the instrument dials and tires are included. You'll need to apply your own shaders, such as metal and fabric.

Software: UNITY

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