Ultimate Deserts for Vue

Ultimate Deserts for Vue

This collection of 10 materials and ecosystems is intended for use by both beginner and professional artists alike, to give fast and hyper realistic results when added to a terrain in VUE. All of the hard work of creating desert materials, rocks and ecosystems has been done for you.

Fully customizable, these great materials can also be used as part of a mixed material of your own, to create a unique look for your renders.

This bundle is a great addition to any VUE library and a must have when creating desert landscapes, but will prove invaluable to any 'VUEr' in the creation of many scenes.

The attention to detail under the hood of these magnificent materials ensures the best possible quality for your scenes while making them all great out-of-the-box additions to your VUE library, or for the more experienced user, they can be customized and mixed to create amazingly photorealistic scenery.

  • This product includes:
    • 1 VUE Core Installer
Compatible 3D Software
What's Included & Features
  • This bundle contains
    • Cinder Hill- eco.mat - a hyper real cinder or coarse sand surface with runnels and ripples in it. Overlain with ecosystems of rocks and desert plants.
    • Cinder Hills - Pink.mat - a version of cinder hills with pink and red tones mixed in.
    • Cinder Hills rocks.mat - an eco system of rocks using a hyper real ferrus material, the rocks are embedded in a base material of cinder hills
    • Cinder Hills.mat - a hyper real cinder or coarse sand surface with runnels and ripples in it.
    • Desert Mountains.mat - a very realistic sand stone desert material perfect for many landscapes and also great for rocks and stones as well as background hills.
    • Ferrus Desert Rocks eco.mat - Hyper realistic rocks ecosystem on desert base material
    • Hoodoo Desert.mat - Layered sandstone and sand dunes brings you just one click away from an instant landscape.
    • Just Desert- eco.mat - A very realistic eco of dry grass, shrubs and unique desert plants on the amazing just deserts base.
    • Just Desert.mat - This hyper real desert material brings together many of the realistic rock and sand textures from the various hoodo rock material collections, using vues height and distribution algorithms to create the perfect desert in just one click.
    • Sandy Hill.mat - Realistic sand and rock material for foreground landscapes or for mixing with other materials.
  • All materials have been created using vues function editor to control height, color and strata to ensure the best quality and most realistic materials possible.
  • Materials will all instantly transform a terrain in to a desert landscape.
  • All materials are fully customizable in the materials editor.
  • All plants included in the ecosystems are either species that ship with the artists and professional versions of vue or have been specially saved within the ecosystems so that no other purchases or plants are needed for them to work.
  • Ecosystem rocks have all been assigned realistic hodoo rock materials rather than the base materials that load with vue to insure that they work seamlessly with the other ecosystem base materials.