US Capitol (for Poser, obj, Vue)

US Capitol (for Poser, obj, Vue)

Includes the US Capitol building in the following formats, at 86,555 polygons
* Poser 5 and above: obj, pp2/ png
* Vue d`Esprit 5 and above: vob
* obj/ mtl

* Textures:
The real building is made from polished white marble which makes it look rather nice. However, in Poser and Vue white materials, especially with GR or GI based lights often appear as over bright or burnt out. So the main white marble texture on this model has been slightly adjusted with a hint of yellow/grey to counteract this effect. Much like how a photographer would use a ND grad filter to compensate.

Even with this subtle change, under certain lighting conditions, bleach out will occur. So you may wish to use Gamma Correction either within Poser or afterwards with postwork. Replacing the bitmaps with version specific shaders can also sometimes reduce this software issue.

* Material Zones:
This model was originally created for use in Studio Max, but converted to Poser, Vue, 3ds, and obj format. To provide base compatibility over these formats, this model was designed to use texture maps instead of software-specific shaders.

The entire model uses just 3 texture maps, so it'll render without overwhelming your system with lots of massive maps.

Product requirements

Poser 5 and above OR Vue d`Esprit 5 OR 3ds/ obj software