Wonders of Nature

Wonders of Nature

Nature is wonderful! What better example than flowers and butterflies!

This product consists of a Generic Swallowtail Butterfly that can be morphed into other 6 different species, a Morphing Flower, a Flowers Vase and a Butterflies Display Dome.

The Butterfly comes completely rigged to facilitate its use in animation sequences and for greater flexibility creating poses. The rigging includes wings, legs, head, thorax (equivalent to the hip), abdomen, antennas, proboscis (feeding tube), etc. It also comes with 10 pose presets for each species.

The Flower comes with several morphs and material presets to allow you to change its appearance. A rigged stem allows you to pose the flower any way you want. Also included are 5 pose presets.

A simple; but beautiful Glass Vase with two translucency options is also included.

Several versions of a Display Dome are included. Two of them come with Butterflies included and posed. Other comes without Butterflies to allow you to add the species and poses that you prefer. A fourth version only includes a Glass Dome without the base.

Special Pose presets that allow you to re-size the Butterfly, Flower and Glass Vase are part of the content.

The quality of the textures included are suitable for real life renders and close-ups. Many Iray materials presets are included for all of the figures and props.

What's Included and Features

  • Wonders of Nature (.DUF):
  • Morphing Butterfly:
    • Species:
      • Black and White Swallowtail (Base)
      • Blue Morpho
      • Common Yellow Swallowtail
      • Great Mormon
      • Malachite
      • Paper Kite
      • Peacock
    • Shapes:
      • Blue Morpho Apply/Remove
      • Common Yellow Swallowtail Apply/Remove
      • Great Mormon Apply/Remove
      • Malachite Apply/Remove
      • Paper Kite Apply/Remove
      • Peacock Apply/Remove
    • Additional Morphs:
      • Abdomen Long/Short
      • Abdomen Thin/Thick
      • Head Bigger
      • Head Labial Palp
      • Front Legs Enlarge
      • Neck Thin/Thick
      • Thorax Hump
      • Thorax Thin/Thick
      • Hindwings Long/Short
      • Hindwings Wide/Narrow
      • Tail Curved In
      • Tail Curved Out
      • Tail Rounded End
      • Tail Straight Short/Long
      • Tail Hide/Un-Hide
      • Wings Torn Edges
    • 52 Pose Controls (Body levels)
    • Materials:
      • 1 Material preset per Specie
    • Poses:
      • 10 Poses for Each Specie
      • 1 Reset Pose for Each Specie
      • 3 Size Presets
  • Morphing Flower:
    • Shapes:
      • Corolla Alternate Shape 1 Apply/Remove
      • Corolla Alternate Shape 2 Apply/Remove
      • Corolla Alternate Shape 3 Apply/Remove
    • Additional Morphs:
      • Corolla Asymmetry
      • Leaves Asymmetry
      • Petals Center Depth
      • Petals Up/Down
      • Stem Longer
    • Pose Controls:
      • Bend Front/Back
      • Bend Side/Side
      • Corolla Twist
    • Materials:
      • 7 Colors
      • Corolla Double Row of Petals
      • Corolla Single Row of Petals
      • Corolla Missing Petals
      • Hide Stem and Leaves
      • Un-Hide Stem and Leaves
    • Poses:
      • 5 Pose Presets
      • 1 Reset Pose
      • 3 Size Presets
  • Flower Vase Prop:
    • 7 Translucent Glass Colors
    • 7 Opaque Glass Colors
    • 3 Size Presets
  • Display Dome Prop:
    • Dome and Base without Butterflies
    • Dome and Base with Butterflies - Option 1
    • Dome and Base with Butterflies - Option 2
    • Glass Dome Alone without Base
  • Materials:
    • 7 Full Materials
    • 7 Base Colors (wood and metals)
    • 8 Base Top Designs
    • 7 Flower Colors
    • Glass Dome Thick
    • Glass Dome Thin
    • 5 Trunk Materials
    • Hide Flowers and Trunk
    • Un-Hide Flowers and Trunk
    • Hide Glass Dome
    • Un-Hide Glass Dome
  • Textures Include:
    • 39 Textures Diffuse, Bump, Normal, Transparency Maps (224 x 443 to 4096 x 4096)
  • Daz Studio Iray Material Presets

Compatible Software:

DAZ Studio 4.10

Install Types:

Daz Connect, Install Manager, Manual Install