Iray Glass Workshop

Iray Glass Workshop

This big set contains over 100 Iray shaders presets to get a great glass. There are a lot of options included to adjust glass surfaces in Iray as you need them.

Start with one of 18 realistic (IOR) refraction levels (like window glass, plexiglass, diamond, ruby, mineral glass or leaded glass etc.). Leave the glass crystal clear or add colors (22 color presets included), tint the glass slightly or more or add metallic effects (22 metallic coat/tint effect presets included). You can also setup the aberration level (prime colors), have frosted or structured glass in different strengths and types.

All options can be mixed and matched to get the results you like. Just skip options you do not need.

Options are not limited to the included presets. You can, of course, alter all surface channels manually. Use the included presets as templates and set up your own configurations.

What's Included and Features

  • Iray Shader Presets: (.DUF)
    • 18 Realistic Refraction Presets (realistic Ior)
    • 1 Refraction Preset (very Clear Glass)
    • 22 Color Presets + 1 Color Off Preset
    • 4 Color Intensity Presets
    • 22 Metallic Coat / Tint Color Presets + 1 Color Off Preset
    • 4 Metallic Coat / Tint Intensity Presets
    • 8 Aberration Level Presets + 1 Preset To Turn Off
    • 3 Frosted Glass Presets + 1 Preset To Turn Off
    • 6 Glass Structure (Bump) Presets
    • 4 Glass Structure Intensity Presets
    • 5 Glass Structure Tiling Presets
    • 5 Opacity Presets
    • 2 Presets To Enable/disable Thin Walled Glass
  • Textures included:
    • 12 Texture Bump and Normal Maps (2048 x 2048 to 4096 x 4096)


  • This product includes:
    • 1 DSON Core Installer

Compatible Software:

DAZ Studio 4.9

Install Types:

Daz Connect, Install Manager, Manual Install

3D models for Daz Studio and Poser