Pixel Packin Mamas Mega Christmas Fun Pack

Pixel Packin Mamas Mega Christmas Fun Pack

OVER 100 Images are included in this Mega Fun Pack. Everything you need to have digital fun all December long and afterwards.

First, there are images suitable for making your own christmas cards. While you\\\'re at it, go ahead and make up some personally designed tags for your gifts. The kids will love playinmg with the stickers you print out from the ready-made sticker page included in the package. Print out some images for the kids to cut out and make ornaments for the tree. And when your christmas is over, there is a section of scrapbook elements included that coordinate with the rest of the pack.

Whats included:

Digitally painted Ornaments:

12 absolutely stunning digitally painted ornaments that are great for card making and anything else you can think of. They scale well both up and down. All of them are showcased in the promo images.

I could not have made such beautiful images without the help of layer styles designed by fractalartist01. I used a great deal of them in the making of this package, and she has my utmost thanks.

Vintage Revisited:

I love vintage images, and so do most people. But trying to use them for any printed reason leaves a lot to be desired. The pock-marked look, coupled with the fading of age and even scanning issues make them really hard to enjoy.

I have spent a couple years perfecting techniques that willt ake a viontage image and turn it into a beautiful image that looks like it was painted, hence the term Vintage revisited. 22 vintage images are included in this pack, with vintage sants and little Christmas girls in abundance, as well as other one of a kind image.

Some of these are great for cards, others are perfect for gift tags, and many can be used as elements for scrapbooking,

Delicate Wire Ornaments:

I call these wire ornaments because the lines are so thin and delicate looking. These would be great for Christmas Cards, if you\\\'re looking for something different.


This pacj includes 3 sets of 9 each snowflakes in 3 different colors: bone, gold, and blue. This will make good images for your Christmas tags, as well as embellishments for your after-Holiday scrapbooking.


While the rest of the pack includes many images that will work well as scrapbook elements, this section was made specifically for that. It includes frames, borders, snowflakes and other elements that coordinate well with the rest of the package.

Terms of Use:

All of the images in this package are allowed to be used for commercial purposes, even on sites like Zazzle or Cafepress. Credit would be nice but not necessary. All I ask is that you not claim them as your own or share them with others as is. If used for digital products they must be changed in some way or merged into something.

I hope you have fun with this Christmas Package. I had a lot of fun making it. If you purchase this package before January 1st, 2018, message me for a surprise bonus pack.


Requirements:  Any program that can open .png file format.

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