SV's Iray Glassy Shaders

SV's Iray Glassy Shaders

Iray Glassy Shaders.

- 20 Base Glass Colors
- 10 Carnival Glass Color Overlays
- 10 Bump Map Overlays
- 05 Bump Map Settings
- 03 Frosted Glass Settings
- 10 Texture Tiling Settings

- This is both an artist & a merchant resource!

- To recreate similar images to the promos, choose your glass color, apply a carnival glass color overlay, a bump map overlay, and tiling size. All shaders (except for the basic glass colors) apply over your existing shader/glass, so the entire package is mix/match - even with other shaders!

- You may use these shaders in your own texture packages for commercial resale. You may not make a new resource or pack out of just these shaders/textures.
- Simple lighting from HDR Image ONLY (not included)

Software: Daz Studio 4

3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio