Easy Textures - Rustic Wood and Stone complete Edition

Easy Textures - Rustic Wood and Stone complete Edition

Easy Texture is the texture resource , proving high quality textures and highly sophisticated texture families which make texturing for you so much easier and less time consuming.

Easy Textures solves following problems :

  • You have a stunning, highly ornamented texture but not the plain base texture to texture the rest of your project ?

  • Or you have a nice base texture but creating ornamented texture variations of the base map is difficult and time consuming.

Easy Textures is the answer to both problems. An Easy Textures product consists of several texture families. Each texture family shares a design concept, and the textures are made to be used together in a project , providing a wide range of variation along with the superior quality of all textures.

Each texture family has base texture (like a stone wall, brick wall or wooden floor ) and several extending textures with ornaments. Pattern, size, position and count of the ornaments vary in each extending map to give you amazing versatility with a reasonable number of textures. So why look for a nice base textures to modify or beautiful ornaments to decorate them with - Easy Textures gives you both for the price of one.

All Easy Textures are seamless textures and can be used in commercial and noncommercial projects and products but they cannot be distributed in another commercial or non-commercial texture collection or texture resource.

In addition, you get all used ornaments as single transparent png resource to build your own texture variations from scratch in a matter of seconds.

This product contains one general installer and one Poser installer. The material settings are included for Poser but for use in any other program you will need to manually apply the texture maps from the general installer.
Compatible 3D Figures
Compatible 3D Software
What's Included & Features
  • 36 Textures as *.jpg in 1024x1024 size
  • 36 Textures as *.png in different size with 63 single ornaments
  • 36 Materials for P5 and up (MT5)
3D Models for Poser