Ancient Stones - Masonry, Stone and Brickwork Shaders for DS and Iray

Ancient Stones - Masonry, Stone and Brickwork Shaders for DS and Iray

Get astounding stone Shaders with this excellent bundle of high resolution brick and stone work shaders for Daz Studio. Based on high-resolution images taken in Norwich in the UK, these Shaders encompass architecture and materials from roman to Victorian bricks, mortar, stone, flint and painted walls.

These Shaders are a fast and realistic way to texture your models, vamp up an old asset or instantly change the mood and vibe of an interior. Pack features plenty of exposed bricks, both tidy and jumbled, lovely dressed and undressed bath stone,cathedral stones, rubble walling from Norwich's seven-century old city walls, and lots of other surfaces all named after the street or building from whence they came.

Bundled with one click adjustments for displacement, sub division, normal strength and loads of tiling options to scale them up and down, this product includes more useful ratios for bricks and stones laid in courses giving you that bit more flexibility without having to delve too deeply in to the shader tab.

Set includes 25 High resolution Shader presets and 32 Utility settings to instantly adjust them.

What's Included and Features

  • Ancient Stones - Masonry, Stone and Brickwork Shaders for DS and Iray (.DUF)
    • Brick Jumble
    • Brick Neat Red
    • Catherdral Bricks
    • Catherdral Stones Dressed
    • Catherdral Stones Undressed
    • Elm Hill Cobbles
    • Elm Hill Old Brick
    • Flint and Brick
    • Flint and Moss
    • Flinty Goodness
    • Graveyard Limestone
    • Lincoln St Brick
    • Painted Brickwork 1 Pink
    • Painted Brickwork 1 Terracotta
    • Painted Brickwork 1 White
    • Painted Brickwork 2 Pink
    • Painted Brickwork 2 Terracotta
    • Painted Brickwork 2 White
    • Painted Stucco Pink
    • Painted Stucco Terracotta
    • Painted Stucco White
    • St Giles Brick
    • St Giles Square Flint
    • Unthank Bricks Gray
    • Vaxhall St Bricks
    • Displacement Very High
    • Displacement High
    • Displacement Low
    • Displacement Mid
    • Displacement SubD 1-5
    • Height Reset
    • Normal Strength 0
    • Normal Strength 100
    • Normal Strength 25
    • Normal Strength 50
    • Normal Strength 75
    • Shade Blue
    • Shade Sage
    • Shade Sugar Pink
    • Tiling 10x10
    • Tiling 11x7
    • Tiling 13x9
    • Tiling 14x10
    • Tiling 15x15
    • Tiling 15x9
    • Tiling 1x1
    • Tiling 21x14
    • Tiling 2x2
    • Tiling 3x3
    • Tiling 5x5
    • Tiling 7x5
    • Tiling 8x8
  • Textures Include
    • 66 Texturemaps (.png, .jpg .tga) for Base Color, Bump, Displacement, Glossiness, Normal, Specular, Transparency (200 x 200 to 3120 x 3728)

Compatible Software:

DAZ Studio 4.12

Install Types:

Daz Connect, Install Manager, Manual Install