Ancient Persian Armor

Ancient Persian Armor

This package contains armor, weapons and a barracks building used by the Immortal Guards of the ancient Persian Achaemenidian Empire.

The Immortal Guards were a "light infantry", armed primary with spears and shields, swords and knives of many different kinds, and were skilled archers. Spearmen had long spears whose tips were silver or iron with silver plate and engravings and whose shafts had heavy silver balls at their butt ends. The spearmen carried full-body-length versions of the Dipylon shield - an elliptically shaped shield with two characteristic curved side insets.

Archers used a distinct recursive bow (compound curves) that was made of fire-hardened wood, backed with long dried sinew strips to provide spring and tension. Bows of the Immortal Guards featured engraved silver "handles." Arrows were knocked (slits in the end to fit against the bow string), had conventional feather fletches tied with red silk, and forged iron arrowheads. Each archer of the Immortal Guards wore a long oblong leather quiver filled with 30 arrows.

Swordsmen also were equipped with the Dipylon shield, although it was much smaller in size, and made of wooden slats covered with metal sheets. Many different kinds of straight and curved, single-hand and two-handed swords were used. Swords were generally made of iron and bronze.

All the Immortals wore either felt or metal helmets. Members of the special Imperial Guard wore felt 12-piece and 20-piece "crown" hats that were covered in silk, when not wearing metal helmets.

The ancient Achaemenidians were unusually skilled in iron and bronze working. The weapons included finely worked metals, including silver and gold.

The props in this package are suitable for Poser and Daz characters (as shown in one of the pictures above). They can be used for any figures or characters in Maya, Max, Cinema4d or similar applications.

A barracks building is included in this package that is compatible with the buildings of the Ancient Persian Istahr Kitbash Collection.

The barrack building features a central practice ground with arched entrance way. Four "fire towers" mark the corners of the barracks. These are modelled on ancient towers still in use today. Typically, they have a fire pit in the center, and either a second fire in the center of the second story, or fires on each of the four corners of the second story. The fire towers provide both light and heat. One set of shields is hung from one of the interior walls.

The barracks building is lit in the center by a series of wrought iron/bronze/glass torch lamps around its perimeter. Lamps also are on the second floor and on the outside of the curved entrance way. An extra torch lamp is included in the package should you wish to add lighting to other places on the outside or inside of the barrack.

The building is made in two pieces to enable your camera to be positioned for good views of the interior practice grounds of the barracks. The smaller left side of the building can be "hidden" from the camera, or re-positioned (or deleted) to ename good positioning of the camera.

For the barracks building, there are several separate items that you can position on the interior practice ground. These include three different wooden platforms for warriors jousting with spear or sword, two different archery targets, an iron ringed stand of spears, and a wooden helmet rack. You can scale and position these in any way that you like within the practice ground.

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