Futuristica_Panoramic Pool

Futuristica_Panoramic Pool

Unique architectural solution for your scenes. Complex building constructed from smooth, almost seamless surfaces that can be used as futuristic building or luxury space cruiser.

Beside main building (Panoramic Pool) you'll also get 2 types of corridor;
straight and T-shape corridor. That way you can build more complex interior connected to Fitness Center. To avoid camera's obstruction, all architectural parts have hide/show wall elements.

Product includes:

Decorative props

- Chair
- Deck Chair
- Table
- Dryer
- Towel Dispenser
- Weird Flotation Device

In addition you'll get two materials for fake horizon (Red Dwarf and by the Sea), and matching light sets (for Poser).

This product is fully compatible with my previous release "Futuristica:
Fitness Center) and you can combine construction elements, props and light sets from both products.
NOTICE: Some textures and elements are same in both product, you can overwrite those files without any problems (or leave old ones).

Software: Poser 8+

Architecture for Poser and Daz Studio