Sci-Fi Airlock (for DAZ Studio)

Sci-Fi Airlock (for DAZ Studio)

Product Features:
* Includes one DAZ Prop (dsf, duf/ png), at 191,923 polygons.

Moving Parts:
* Like our other sets, all walls (and the ceiling) can be hidden for easier camera placement.
* All three round hatches can rotate/ open, with an ERC dial on the Body.
* The rear airlock door can open side-to-side, with an ERC dial on the Body.

Textures/ Shaders:
* Includes shaders for both 3DLight and Iray.
* Each shader includes 3 presets:
- Default
- Alternate Universe
- Emerald Treasure
* Forcefields (unique to the DAZ Studio version!)
- Full Power
- Power 10%
- Power 100%
- Power 200%
- Power 25%
- Power 50%
* Alert levels:
- No Alert/ Off
- Red Alert
- Yellow Alert
* Carpet colors:
- Default
- Blue
- Dark Gray
- Green
- Light Gray
- Red
- White
* Lights (material settings)
- Reset
- Full Power
- Half Power
- Off

* Twelve camera files are included.
* Corresponding hide/ show poses are also included to hide any walls which may be blocking the camera.

Recommended for use in DAZ Studio 4.9 with Iray.

Sales images created in DAZ Studio with Iray by Todd Kogutt.

Daz Studio 4.9 ONLY

Architecture for Poser and Daz Studio