Louis and Louie for Genesis 8 Male and Michael 8

Louis and Louie for Genesis 8 Male and Michael 8

LOUIS for Genesis 8 Male and Michael 8 is a morph/character created with special Layered Image Presets that work with texture maps for Genesis 8 Male and Michael 8. This beautiful set also comes with 8 expressions, Louis' Hair with 9 colors and 6 styles, Louis' Body Hair with 9 colors and 8 poses for G8M and identical 8 poses for M8. Please follow usage tips.
The character comes in Dark and Lite skinned actors. Free genital texture made for the Genesis 8 Male base version. Along with Louis, LOUIE is packaged together in this set. LOUIE has the same set as LOUIS (expressions, hair, body hair, materials and poses).

Files for DAZ Studio 4.10 and up are optimized in this set. This is set has been tested for DAZ Studio 4.10, not tested for Poser.


System Requirements:

PC and Mac compatible
DazStudio 4.10 or greater

Needed Files:

Genesis 8 Male Base and Michael 8 available at daz3d.com: https://www.daz3d.com/michael-8-pro-bundle

Installation Instructions:

Unzip to your DAZ/content directory using an appropriate program. To install, just unzip to your DAZ Library directory using the paths and this file will install under /My DAZ 3D Library.
If you wish to manually install the files, unzip to a directory. Install the product to the following directories: /My DAZ 3D Library


Usage Tips or Limitations:

For DAZ Studio 4.10: LOADING CHARACTER: Load desired Louis Actor. Do not forget to apply lashes and genitals if desired. CHANGING MATERIALS: Switching from one character to another (eg LouisDarkG8M to LouisDarkM8M), select the current character on the viewport, then click on the desired character. A window called Character Loading options will appear. Choose Apply the Character to the currently selected figure and click accept. FOR LASHES AND GENITALS: Apply orignal textures for G8M or M8, then go to Louis/Materials to apply genital Layered Image Preset (WARNING: EVERYTIME YOU CHANGE MATERIALS THIS WAY, YOU HAVE TO APPLY THE ORIGINAL TEXTURE, THEN APPLY THE LAYERED IMAGE PRESET AS THE LAYER WILL JUST EXIST ON TOP OF EACH OTHER).

EXPRESSIONS: Select Character and apply expression. Expressions have sliders for more subtle expressions. HAIR: Load Hair. Select Hair from Scene tab. Select desired Color and click to apply. Select desired hair style and click to apply. This also applies to FacialHair. POSES: Select Actor, then appply desired pose.

Merchant resource used: Genesis 3 and 8 Male(s) Texture Merchant Resource by Vyusur was used for the skin.

DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Male, Michael 8

Compatible figures: 
Characters for Poser and Daz Studio