B#1-G2F-LaceLingerie Kit for DS

B#1-G2F-LaceLingerie Kit for DS

B#1 1 Click G2-Lingerie Super Skinz Bodygloves-DS
is a set of high quality, detailed bodygloves for Genesis 2 Female.
Beautifully crafted to give detailed and rich renders.This set will fit any morphed
character with absolutely no pokethrough.
Textures are of the highest quality with materials and displacement maps that
will make your renders stand out. If you want quality renders this is the set for you.

These bodygloves are applied to a geometry shell and will follow G2F with no pokethrough.
The textures render quickly and because of the detailed displacement maps will give a high
level of detail. To increase the detail simply increase the displacement strength.

Layered image presets:
I have included some Layered image presets for the stockings, panties and garterbelt
because they give you the versatality of using the stockings, panties and garterbelt
directly on your G2F base rather than the geometry shell.The shell versions give more
detail and flexbility but the Layered image presets can be used under other geometry such
as your skirts and other clothing items.

Included Geometry Shell files:
8 lingerie styles in both red and black
1 set stockings
1 garter belt
Mat files for Full set Black and red including apron
Mat files for individual styles
Mat Files to change the visibility of the geometry shell.

Layered image presets:
1 Garterbelt
1 stockings
3 panties

Detailed pdf with screenshots inclosed for using the "Create Geometry Shell"in Daz Studio
Simply go to "Create" on your top toolbar
Select your base character (G2F)
Scroll to "Create Geometry Shell"
Select parent to selected figure
Set your mesh offset to .20
Now you have an exact duplicate of your character which will follow all of your morphs.

The shell is slightly offset so when you render you will get shadows and displacement
from the bodygloves which give a very high quality, realistic render with no poke through and quick render times.
Simple and easy to use on any size character.

• Poser USERS:
This is a DAZ STUDIO only product.
Check out
My product B#1 1 Click G2-Lingerie Super Skinz Bodygloves-Poser"

Daz Studio 4

Base Figures:  Genesis 2 Female

Clothing for Poser and Daz Studio