A#1 Vavoom Bodyglove Corsets Pauline

A#1 Vavoom Bodyglove Corsets Pauline

"A#1 Vavoom Bodyglove Corsets-P11"

A#1 Vavoom Bodyglove Corsets-P11 Kit is a high quality,detailed Vavoom bodyglove corsets and stockings kit for Poser 11 Pauline.
Bodygloves will work on any SSS Firefly character for P11 Pauline with Aboslutely no pokethrough.

This set contains:
SSS shaders and mat files for poser 11 Firefly renderer
8 Full Corset bodygloves
8 Topless Corset bodygloves
8 Topless/Bottomless Corset bodygloves
8 Gauntlet Bodygloves
1 pubic hair
8 Stockings Bodygloves matching the 8 corset options

Vavoom's set requires semideu's FREE Advanced Shader Plugin
Multiple layers with mat files to overlay the layers
PLEASE NOTE: My experience is if you have the plugin installed in an earlier version
of Poser there is no need to re-install in P11.

Download FREE Advanced Shader Plugin Here:
Many thanks to semideu for this remarkable script.

Detailed PDF tutorial included
NOW,Thanks to a FREE plugin that is simple and easy to install to your python

How does it work:
· Simply install the free plugin to your python folder
· The plugin will do all the python work. You do not need to know any python.
. The Super Skinz are applied from a regular PZ2 mat file in your pose folder.
· Next Load Pauline
· Apply your character textures of choice as you would normally do
· Apply your choice of Super Skinz mat pose (.pz2)
· The mat pose will apply your selected Super Skinz on top of your character's skin. It's just that simple

What if I want to change to a different Super Skinz style?
· Simply reapply your character's body texture to erase the l Super Skinz
· Then apply the new Super Skinz of choic
Known issues:
This set is based on a python script by semideu that creates layering.
The layering gives you an incredible versatality. You can add a tattoos layer, Then add a bodyglove layer,
Then add different designs on top of your bodyglove layer.
This gives YOU versatile design control.
Because the layering is added ON TOP of the layers that exist you can stack them.
It is important to remember that the matfiles DO NOT REPLACE.
In order to erase or remove you must use your character skin which
Textures are designed to have layers overlay on top of each other. Some of these material layers may have very slight seams however the seams are designed to be covered by the layer that goes on top of them and the render will be seamless.
-If you have changed a lot of Skinz and they quit loading, simply restart Poser.

This is a Poser 11 only product.
The python script will not work in Daz Studio

Software: Poser 11

Base Figures:  Pauline

Compatible figures: 
Accessories for Poser and Daz Studio