dForce - Eider Outfit for Genesis 8 Female

dForce - Eider Outfit for Genesis 8 Female

An elegant outfit for Genesis 8 Female with hat and necklace. dForce is required.

The included maps are optimized for use with NVIDIA Iray® render with Daz Studio®

In this package you'll find:

-01 dForce Dress
-01 dForce Hat
-01 Prop Hat (not dforce)
-01 Necklace
-01 Timeline Simulation Settings Preset

Iray Materials:
-12 Dress Materials
-12 Hat Materials
-02 Chain Materials
-05 Gem Materials
-12 Button Colors

-06 Dress Partial Wind + Reset

Adjustments & shapes:

• Dress
-Adjust Biceps Left
-Adjust Biceps Right
-Adjust Elbow Left
-Adjust Elbow Right
-Adjust Forearm Left
-Adjust Forearm Right
-Adjust Glutes
-Adjust Left Hip
-Adjust Right Hip
-Adjust Sides
-Adjust Underarm Left
-Adjust Underarm Right
-Adjust Weist Sides
-Adjust Arm Bend L
-Adjust Arm Bend R
-Adjust Armpit L
-Adjust Armpit R
-Breast Center Depth
-Breast Center Depth Smoother
-Breast Center Height Buttom
-Breast Center Height Top
-Breast Center Height Top Depth
-Breast Center Pinch
-Breast Down
-Breast Up
-Expand All
-Expand Arms
-Expand Necklace Width
-Expand Wrists & Hands
-Loosen Abdomen
-Loosen Armpits
-Loosen Collars
-Loosen Front Lower
-Loosen Front Mid
-Loosen Hip A
-Loosen Hip B
-Neck Expand
-Adjut Spine Top
-Weist Height Down Front
-Widht Waist
-Wind Back
-Wind Front
-Wind Left
-Wind Right
-Wind Up A
-Wind Up B

Other Shapes support through auto follow.

• Hat:
-Adjust Hair Bun
-Adjust Sides
-Expand All
-Head Size
-Head Size 02
-Head Width
-Ears Size

• Necklace:
-Expand All
-Expand Back
-Expand Front

***Character, shoes, hair and other props used in the promotional images are not included***

Thank you for your interest in this product.

Daz Studio 4.10 + (required for dForce)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female

Compatible figures: 
Clothing for Poser and Daz Studio