Lyone's Number 02 for G8M

Lyone's Number 02 for G8M

Number 02 is a science fiction/fantasy outfit for Genesis 8 Male. This mesh is simpler than Number 01 (except the shoes). This allows you to use this outfit with dforce. When tested on my computer, the simulation time for the shirt was 60 seconds and for the pants 79 seconds.

Number 02 contains the following items:

- Shirt
- Pants
- Shoes

In the Utilities section:
- 1 DAZ Pup Puppy holder pose (requires DAZ Pup which is sold at DAZ)
- 1 G8M Puppy holder pose (requires Genesis 8 Male which is sold at DAZ)
- 1 Wearable "Load Number 02 with puppy holder morphs".

These poses in the Utilities section are for the Puppy holder morphs (see promotional picture whith the puppy). You just have to load the DAZ Pup (DAZ Pup is not included in this product, it is sold at DAZ) and G8M in the scene (G8M is not included either and is sold at DAZ). Then go to Utilities (see puppy promo for more explanation and/or ReadMe File), load the puppy pose on the puppy and the G8M pose on G8M. Then load the wearable "Load Number 02 with puppy holder morphs" on Genesis 8 Male.

Every item is individual and has plenty of morphs (FBM and adjustments/custom morphs). See the promos and the description below of the different morphs.

Please note that some sitting poses can need morph adjustments in the crotch area, just apply Fix croth sitting if needed.

Every item in this outfit contains 21 full body morphs. You will find them in Actor/Full Body in the Parameters tab. All the following FBM morphs are supported (any other Genesis 8 Male shapes are supported by auto-follow):
-Christian 8
-Darius 8
-Edward 8
-Floyd 8
-Lee 8
-Lucas 8
-Michael 8
-Nix 8
-Ollie 8
-Owen 8
-TheBrute 8
-Vladimir 8

For a list of partial body morphs please see the ReadMe File.

Every item in this outfit contains also adjustments and custom morphs. You will find them in Actor/Adjustments in the Parameters tab.

- Pants (29 morph dials):
Adj Ankles Back
Adj Ankles Front
Adj Ankles Sides
Adj Back Knees
Adj Buttocks
Adj Crotch
Adj Feet
Adj Front Knees
Adj Knees
Adj Shins Back
Adj Shins Front
Adj Shins Sides
Adj Shins
Adj Thighs Back
Adj Thighs Front
Adj Thighs Sides
Adj Waistband
Fit in Number 1 Boots
Fit over Number 1 Boots
Fix crotch sitting
Hip Back
Hip Front
Hip Left
Hip Right
Waist All down
Waist Higher
Waist Lower

- Shirt (48 Morph dials):
Adj Back
Adj Buttocks
Adj Chest
Adj Collars
Adj Cuffs
Adj Elbows
Adj Hips
Adj Lower Sleeves
Adj Neck
Adj Pecks
Adj Underarms
Adj Upper Back
Adj Upper Sleeves
Adj Waist
Fit in Number 1 Pants
Fit Number 1 Shoulder pads
Fit over Number 1 Pants + Belt
Fit over Number 1 pants
Hip Back
Hip Front
Hip Left
Hip Right
Longer 1
Longer 2
Loosen Sleeve Left
Loosen Sleeve Right
Open Back
Open Front
Open Left
Open Right
Open Shoulder Left 1
Open Shoulder Left 2
Open Shoulder Right 1
Open Shoulder Right 2
Puppi Holder 1
Rounder neck
Tighter Front
Tighter Sleeve Left
Tighter Sleeve Right
Wind Back
Wind Front
Wind Left
Wind Neck Back
Wind Neck Front
Wind Right

- Shoes (7 Morph dials):
Adj Back L
Adj Back R
Adj Foot L
Adj Foot R
Adj Toes L
Adj Toes R

In this package you will only have one texture (Iray material) but this product is very flexible because normal- and bumps maps included in this product allow you to change the color of the outfit. You only have to put any color you want on the different items (see last promo where all people wear this same outfit but with different colors and/or glossiness). Please see the Readme File for more explanation on how to change the color and/or glossiness.

11 Texture maps (4096x4096) with Diffuse, Metallicity, Roughness, Bump, Normal maps are included in this product.

A texture addon for this product will come soon.

Thank you for you support and I hope you will enjoy this outfit.

Software: DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY, DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Male

Compatible figures: 
Clothing for Poser and Daz Studio