Daz Character Setup for Artists Part 2

Daz Character Setup for Artists Part 2

This tutorial series is designed to help 3D artists speed up their character workflow using Daz 3d. This is a unique workflow aimed at speed and high-quality work for artists. It was made to answer questions asked by professional concept artists who use Daz Studio daily. Many of these tools are only understood by published artists who have spent years learning the ins and outs of Daz Studio, but with this tutorial, you will get up to speed on some advanced tips and tricks that will revolutionize your character workflow.

In Part Two we go over combining morphs to speed up your character creation process, using morph loader pro to bring in custom characters, and some morph loader pro settings that can make customization a breeze. We will also go over the full pipeline for saving morphs and correcting shapes so they move correctly.

If you start your character creation process using a Daz Genesis base mesh you can have a fully rigged character in a few clicks. The characters will be compatible with skin textures, clothing, poses, props, hair and so on. You can iterate quickly on the characters and try different options and also use any Daz characters in your library to give you a faster starting point. Once you know a few tricks you can make a custom character faster than you ever thought possible.

Learn how to speed up your character creation process today using Daz Studio.

What's Included and Features

  • Daz Character Setup for Artists Part 2
  • Tutorial Movies: (.MP4) 63 Minutes
    • Character Combination
    • Saving Morphs
    • The Long Way of Saving Things And A Preview of the Daz Published Artist Workflow
    • Reverse Deformations to Customize Teeth
  • Resource Files:
    • Genesis 8 Female Character Folder Structure
    • Genesis 8 Male Character Folder Structure
    • SingleSkin_G8F UV
    • SingleSkin_G8M UV
    • xNormalUVs_G8F UV
    • xNormalUVs_G8M UV

Compatible Software:

DAZ Studio 4.10

Install Types:

Install Manager, Manual Install