Pro-Tools - Destroyed Denim 2

Pro-Tools - Destroyed Denim 2

The original destroyed denim resource packs are back! Containing everything that you need to build destruction into your denim based textures. Pockets, seams, holes, worn patches, stitching, rivets and much much more all in one handy little package with an included seamless denim base tile.

Product Includes:


  • 3 belt loops
  • 2 fly pieces
  • 3 front pockets (1 with and 2 without coin pocket)
  • 2 back pockets
  • 2 rear end seams (long and short)
  • leg seam inside
  • leg seam outside
  • 4 hem/cuff pieces (3 long and 1 short)
  • 4 holes (3 with transparency layers)
  • 2 "double seams" (1 long and 1 short)
  • 2 waistband pieces
  • complete waistband front and back (with label and belt loops)
  • label
  • red accent stitching
  • yellow accent stitching
  • yellow chain stitch
  • yellow double stitch
  • two toned stitching
  • front button
  • 2 rivets

PT_destroyed_denim2_seamless.jpg seamless denim tile

Additional Notes:

This package was previously available at another store. It was originally called "Digital Couturier Destroyed Denim Kit Volume 2". This is NOT an upgrade of the original package; just repackaging and

The PT_destroyed_denim2_seamless is a *seamless* denim fill matched perfectly to all of the included pieces and parts.

All of the destroyed denim pieces are contained in one single .psd file.
Each is optimized to give you the best blending color and edges possible

Product Details:

Zip Files: 13MB
Date Added: Jan 11, 2014

Product requirements

image editing software

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