Campfire Ring For Vue

Campfire Ring For Vue

This package contains 25 high-resolution objects displaying a campfire ring with Western style lantern, bedroll and objects for making a typical Western USA camp breakfast. There also three stones human figures can sit on, one pine log bench and three ground planes with alternative seamless forest ground textures. Specifically, there are --

* A granite stone fire ring with seven moveable stones,
* A fire with burning logs, embers, high flames and low flames (all individual items),
* Three granite boulders suitable for human figures to sit on,
* A pine log bench,
* A Coleman-style lantern with pre-positioned Point Lights,
* An old style blue enameled-steel coffee pot with two matching coffee cups,
* A cast iron fry pan, currently holding three pancakes (all individual items),
* A cast iron Dutch Oven with lid, currently holding beans and biscuits (all individual items),
* An old spatula for the fry pan,
* An old wooden spoon for the Dutch Oven,
* A battered steel plate (currently holding two fried eggs and two strips of fried bacon (all individual items),
* An old Western style blanket canteen,
* A wool blanket (typical Western style "bedroll"),
* A single ground plane with Bark-type Forest Floor seamless texture.
* Two alternative seamless forest ground textures are provided (Dry Cover Forest Floor and "Moss Ground Forest Floor").

All the indvidual objects can be independently moved, rotated, scaled or saved out as indvidual objects for use in other scenes.

You can make the fire ring flames luminous for night scenes, and light the lantern as well.

Vue 9

Props for Poser and Daz Studio