Cavern of Death

Cavern of Death

Cavern of Death gives your adventurer a set to explore in search of treasures or monsters. The main trap is a balancing platform that can tilt in any direction causing your character to fall off and plummet to the depths below.

Includes 3 seperate sets of the outside with a subterranean room, the main set with the platform, water and the subterranean ground level and the back cavern set for shots when the back side of the cavern is needed and the final room which can be used as a treasure room or a monsters lair. Includes 1 scene that loads all the sets. Sets include door props that open and close with dial parameters.

Includes base lights for outdoors and one for when in the cavern.

Includes 6 props: 2 grasses, 1 tree, the platform, the rope for decending into the cavern from the outside and a smartprop Torch. Includes a light that is smartprop to the torch.

19 total poses. 1 outside placement pose, 1 platform placement pose, 1 end room placement pose. 1 pose that will put Genesis or Genesis 2 right hand into a pose for holding a torch. 7 Genesis poses and 8 Genesis 2 male and/or female poses.

The main set has wood beams that form steps down to the subterranean ground level. Using one of the liquid material presets you can turn off the water, another material preset has a magma texture. There is a light preset for the magma which lights up the chamber.

18 material presets. 3 liquid presets: water, magma or none. 5 for changing the background on the outdoor set and 9 stone presets of 3 different stone textures. 1 each for the Outside, Main Cavern and Back Cavern.

21 Camera presets broken down into 2 Outside, 5 for the Underground Room, 9 Main Cavern and 5 Rear Tunnel with End Room.

Software: Daz Studio 4

Digital ProductFile (1): 47.72 MBFile (2): 34.67 MBFile (3): 27.1 MB

Props for Poser and Daz Studio