Freeway Overpass Road Set

Freeway Overpass Road Set

Freeway Overpass Road Set with a construction Barrel,
Speed Limit Sign, 2 Interstate Signs and Light Pole props. This set includes 12 poses, 9 props total and 4 sky backgrounds, two light presets, day and night.

Includes 5 Genesis poses and 5 Genesis 2 poses. Figure leaning over the engine of a car, a hitch hiker, 2 poses holding the hand sign, a pose that puts the right hand into a holding pose and 2 poses for the hand held sign smart prop that switches the sign between the slow and stop sides.
Includes OBJ files.

Daz Studio 4

ReadMe File

Digital ProductFile (1): 31.11 MBFile (2): 19.6 MB

Props for Poser and Daz Studio