Urban Electric Scooters

Urban Electric Scooters

A set of scooters, scooter helmets and a scooter parking structure in *.obj file formats for making pictures of people in urban outdoor scenes.

There are two scooters, three scooter helmets and a scooter parking rack in this package. All are high resolution models for photorealism. A unique thing about these scooters and helmets is that most of the model parts are easily accessed to allow you to change the materials and colors as you wish. In this way, you can create many versions of the scooters and helmets for a given urban scene.

Just for fun, a Spring season water puddle and splash is included. It will fit the front tire of either of the scooters.

Included in this package:

* A "Red Lime" scooter based on the popular Lime Company rental scooters.

* A very detailed scooter somewhat modelled along the lines of the experimental "Electric Mood" scooter.

* Two additional versions of the "Red Lime" scooter - one making a left turn, and another making a right turn.

* Two additional versions of the "Electric Mood" scooter - one making a left turn and another making a right turn.

* Three different plastic scooter helmets

* One steel scooter parking rack, with individual parts so that you can make it all one color, or make it many colors..

* A water puddle with splash for any scooter's front tire.

A full set of textures is included for the rubber, aluminium, steel, bronze, glass and plastic parts of these models. If you substitute your own materials to create varients of the scooter and helmet parts (encouraged), you should look for appropriate metal, plastic and rubber shaders in your application.

All model components except for Helmet #7 (the Blue and White Helmet) are UV mapped. You can change the materials, and also add decals to the scooter parts as you wish.

Props for Poser and Daz Studio