PW Ultimate Yacht Nexus

PW Ultimate Yacht Nexus

The PW Ultimate Yacht Nexus is the ultimate yacht with all the options included.

With Fly-Bridge, Kitchen, Relax area, two cockpits, Jacuzzi, bedroom, engine room, shower on the divers' deck, and moveable roof, this yacht has tons of places for parties, characters and fun scenes. It also includes tons of materials so you can select your favorite color, and tune the lights with material sets.

Easy go-to poses for your props are also included.

Time to hit the waters in style - get the PW Ultimate Yacht Nexus today!

Check out the Color and Light Tour:

Made for your characters to get in the mood, enjoy!

What's Included and Features

  • Ultimate Yacht Nexus (.DUF)
  • PW Ultimate Yacht Nexus FULL
  • PW Ultimate Yacht Nexus ONLY
  • Bathroom ONLY
  • Bedroom ONLY
  • Engine Room ONLY
  • Go to Poses for your props
    • Go To Bathroom
    • Go To Bedroom
    • Go To Divers Deck
    • Go To Engine Room
    • Go To FlyBrige
    • Go To Front Deck
    • Go To Grill Back Deck
    • Go To Mid Level
  • Material sets
    • A Color Grey Full Dirty
    • A Color Grey Full
    • B Color Blue Full Dirty
    • B Color Blue Full
    • B Color Red Full Dirty
    • B Color Red Full
    • B Color Yellow Full Dirty
    • B Color Yellow Full
    • Bathroom Blue Full
    • Bathroom Default Full
    • Bathroom Red Full
    • Bathroom Yellow Full
    • Bedroom Blue Full
    • Bedroom Default Full
    • Bedroom Red Full
    • Bedroom Yellow Full
    • Engine Room Blue
    • Engine Room Default
    • Engine Room Red
    • Engine Room Yellow
    • Leather Color Set Blue
    • Leather Color Set Beige
    • Leather Color Set Red
    • Leather Color Set Yellow
    • Windows Below Clear
    • Windows Below Mirror
    • Windows Below Tinted
    • Windows Mid Clear
    • Windows Mid Mirror
    • Windows Mid Tinted
  • Material Light sets
    • Back Terrace Ceiling Light Off/On
    • Bathroom Ceiling Light On/Off
    • Bathroom jacuzzi Lights Off/On
    • Bathroom Mirror jacuzzi Lights Off/On
    • Bathroom Mirror Light Off/On
    • Bathroom TV Off/On
    • Bedroom Bed Lights Off/On
    • Bedroom Ceiling Lights Off/On
    • Bedroom Crikel Floor Lights Off/On
    • Bedroom Floor Lights Off/On
    • Bedroom Mirror Lights Off/On
    • Bedroom Tritant Lights Off/On
    • Ceiling Strip Lights Off/On
    • Cockpit Lights Off/On
    • Dashboard Monitor Off/On
    • Engine Lights Off/On
    • Engine Control Monitor Off/On
    • Engine Floor Lights Off/On
    • Engine Room Ceiling Lights Off/On
    • Engine Room Fuel Lights Off/On
    • Grill Master Off/On
    • Kitchen Lights Off/On
    • Living Room Lights On/Off
    • Nexus Logo Light Off/On
    • Outside Lights Off/On
    • Roof Ceiling Lights Off/On
  • Textures Included:
    • 258 Texture and Normal Maps (up to 4608 x 3456)
  • Daz Studio Material Presets for Iray (.DUF)

Compatible Software:

DAZ Studio 4.12

Install Types:

Daz Connect, Install Manager, Manual Install