Iridescence Abalone Seamless Textures with Texture Maps - MR

Iridescence Abalone Seamless Textures with Texture Maps - MR

15 Iridescence Abalone Seamless Textures with Texture Maps. This is a Merchant Resource kit.

This product consist of 15 seamless Abalone seamless textures with texture maps that are optimized for gaming.These textures are ideal to create jewelry
or surfaces that require a shiny and mother-of-pearl surface shine. Use the texture maps to create original textures.

Maps include the following and measure 2048 x 2048 pixles and tile seamless.

- Diffuse,
- Normal,
- Ambient Occlussion,
- Bump,
- Specular and Displacement maps. diffuse and normal maps.

These textures are based upon the colour that can be found inside the shells of abalone or sea snails . They normally have beautiful and shiny
insides and the colours are often referred to as Iridescence Colours.

The textures have been designed and optimized for the gaming industry but they can be used as backgrounds or how you see fit.

These textures can be used in Maya, Daz3D, Unity or Quixel.
Can they be used for creating your own products?
The textures in this set can be used for commercial purposes. Please read the "Readme" file to see how this product can be used.

Requirements:  Any program that can open .jpg files and/or work with texture maps.

Textures for Poser and Daz Studio