Love Those Tinies 3+

Love Those Tinies 3+

Love Those Tinies 3+ - A Merchant Resource -

They're back! All new Tinies and more!
• Included:
-60 seamless/almost seamless tinies on psd layers of sizes varying from 3x5px to 750x600px.
-PS Patterns of the same (Photoshop 7+ only)
Required: a graphic program that can open psd files.
I use tinies as transparencies, to give a feel of real fabric to my clothing textures, bump maps, displ maps, to fill in laces, stitching or edges and to create my own unique textures combining them with others, etc.
You can alter them any way you like: change color, add layer styles, etc.
The use of this pack is limitless.
Images of other nirvy products were rendered in DAZ Studio.
No touch-ups.

The complete pack is shown in the promo images.
The original sizes that go from 3 x 5 px to 750 x 600 px are not shown.
Tiles shown are as are and have not been altered in any way.
† This pack is a Merchant Resource. You may use the content as is or combined to create your own textures.
You may not sell the content in any similar pack as a whole, as derivatives nor parts. †
Thank you for your interest in my products.

Promo Credits:
Characters by P3D & Rhiannon
Hair by SAV, Prae, SWAM, Goldtassel & Prposchick
dforce Panache G8 by nirvy
dforce Slick Night G8 by nirvy
dforce StreetSmarts G8 by nirvy
dforce Foxy Chic G8 by nirvy
dforce Peppery G8 by nirvy
dforce Softly Sensuous G3G8 by nirvy
dforce Overload G8 by nirvy
dforce Simply Boho G3G8 by nirvy
Poses by Danie

©nirvyproductions 2003-2020

Requirements:  Graphic Program that can read PSD files

Textures for Poser and Daz Studio