Toon-Town AeroPlane for Daz Studio

Toon-Town AeroPlane for Daz Studio

This toon-style aircraft was designed to be used with any character desired. While there are no moving parts on the AeroPlane, you can hide the wheels and wheel assemblies by changing the opacity channel in the Surface tab. The prop also has no UV Maps but the colors can easily be changed in the Surfaces tab. All promo images were rendered in DAZ Studio 4.10 with 3Delight. This version was designed for use in DAZ Studio.
Product Features:
* DAZ Studio prop (dsf, duf, png)
* No moving parts.
* Solid colors:
- Blue
- Yellow
- Red
- Black
- Lt. Gray
- Dk. Gray
- White
- No texture maps needed.

Daz Studio 4

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