Wireframe and Hologram Shaders for Iray

Wireframe and Hologram Shaders for Iray

Illuminate your scenes with A wide spectrum of color, light, and pattern. In this set are 6 light presets and 50 light emitting shaders including glowing grids, holograms, alien glyphs, hexagon hives, binary code, and crystal. What will they look like applied to vehicles, figures, clothing, architecture, terrain, and props? What can you build with these shaders applied to primitives? If you've been dreaming of a world built of light, now you can tell your story.

All shaders from the 3Delight version have been converted to Iray Uber, the lights have been converted to photometric mode, and 4 new shader groups have been added for this Iray set. The previous version for 3Delight is not needed for this set to work. Unlike the set for 3Delight, these shaders are emissive so the lights are not needed to cast light into your scene.

Sometimes you want more functional lighting, without sacrificing the look of emissive surfaces. Use the color-matched pointlights to add an extra level of realism and extend the glow onto surrounding objects. You have the freedom to put light exactly where you want it. The light geometry is set to sphere so you will have nice soft shadows, further matching the ambient glow from the shaders.

The wire-frame shaders do not show the actual mesh, they apply image maps which allow tiling to be adjusted.

Most of the image maps are grayscale allowing you to change surfaces to any color, whether it is light-emitting or not.

Instructions are included on how to adjust geoshells to work on figures. See the ReadMe and check out the forum commercial thread for product discussions.

What's Included and Features

  • Wireframe and Hologram Shaders for Iray:
    • Wire Frame AH Aqua
    • Wire Frame AH Blue
    • Wire Frame AH Green
    • Wire Frame AH Red
    • Wire Frame AH Spectrum
    • Wire Frame AH White
    • Wire Frame AH Yellow
    • Wire Frame Binary Aqua
    • Wire Frame Binary Blue
    • Wire Frame Binary Green
    • Wire Frame Binary Red
    • Wire Frame Binary Spectrum
    • Wire Frame Binary White
    • Wire Frame Binary Yellow
    • Wire Frame Crystal Aqua
    • Wire Frame Crystal Blue
    • Wire Frame Crystal Green
    • Wire Frame Crystal Red
    • Wire Frame Crystal Spectrum
    • Wire Frame Crystal White
    • Wire Frame Crystal Yellow
    • Wire Frame Hive Aqua
    • Wire Frame Hive Blue
    • Wire Frame Hive Green
    • Wire Frame Hive Red
    • Wire Frame Hive Spectrum
    • Wire Frame Hive White
    • Wire Frame Hive Yellow
    • Wire Frame Holo Aqua
    • Wire Frame Holo Blue
    • Wire Frame Holo Green
    • Wire Frame Holo Red
    • Wire Frame Holo Spectrum
    • Wire Frame Holo White
    • Wire Frame Holo Yellow
    • Wire Frame RS Aqua
    • Wire Frame RS Blue
    • Wire Frame RS Green
    • Wire Frame RS Red
    • Wire Frame RS Spectrum
    • Wire Frame RS White
    • Wire Frame RS Yellow
    • Wire Frame Aqua
    • Wire Frame Blue
    • Wire Frame Green
    • Wire Frame Opaque
    • Wire Frame Red
    • Wire Frame Spectrum
    • Wire Frame White
    • Wire Frame Yellow
  • Lights:
    • Wire Frame Blue
    • Wire Frame Green
    • Wire Frame Red
    • Wire Frame Spectrum
    • Wire Frame White
    • Wire Frame Yellow
  • Textures Include:
    • 19 Texture, Normal, Bump, and Specular Map (1000 x 1000)
  • Daz Studio Iray Shader Presets (.DUF)


  • This product includes:
    • 1 DSON Core Installer
  • Additional Products used in Promo Images:
    • Prototype
    • GIS Sigma
    • Space Dweller for V4
    • DMs Tunnel Unit
    • B25 Steam Punk Aviator V4
    • Yamaki GTX-R
    • Urban Sprawl 2 The Big City
    • Deco Club Exterior
    • Car Ranger
    • Alien Collector
    • Urban Future 4 :Street Level
    • Michael 4 Internal Organs

Compatible Figures:


Compatible Software:

DAZ Studio 4.9

Install Types:

Daz Connect, Install Manager, Manual Install