AtoZ FLEXI Lites 1 v1

AtoZ FLEXI Lites 1 v1

AtoZ FLEXI Lites 1 v1

I was daydreaming and suddenly it came to me... Hey! We've got FLEXI Roads, Fences and Railings... What's missing? I know FLEXI Lighting! We made a couple then did some rendering and ShaZAM! FLEXI Lights became a thing... Then they grew into a 38 Figure set!

Sooo ... Maybe you want ...

Rows of lights along the walls and in the floor of a Stonemason’s Skyline? Yes, by using AtoZ FLEXI Lites 1 version 1!

How about rings of lights for an AtoZ Kudos Base? Sure!

Line an AtoZ Massive traffic tunnel with circles of lights! Of course!

These FLEXI Lites can be used just about anywhere. Nothing fancy in the materials Actually nothing but simple basic not even IV mapped! All as individual props except the round light) Absolutely the simplest and most basic needs met to make for great lighting in its native Poser 7 (yes that old!) environment... want fancy like some of the promo pics? Just drop these into newer Poser versions or DAZ Studio there you can create amazing glowing or illuminating lighting (settings or shaders not included in this set)

Included are eight light Props. Actually only four designs but each "double" a or b has a different axis orientation. This was necessary to create the large number of light Figures. Each Prop, and as it would follow, the figures have no UV mapping. The textures are all simple uncomplicated materials. For this reason the Props and Figures respond well to resizing and "chain manipulation" by the ERC dials (Thanks PhilC!).

There is a Promotional Graphic that was created for you to help you "recolor" or "fancy up" the Props and therefore the Figures. Here is that guide in text format which is VERY useful for applying things like emmissives etc.

Note: These are also the five(=ten) included props...
Oval Contoured Light: 2 Materials - #2=Light #1=Case
Square Light 1 "Outsie" light protrudes: 2 Materials - #1=Light #2=Case
Square Light 2 "Insie" light recessed: 4 Materials - #3= Lamp #1= Case
#2= Bevel #2= Bevel Edge
Square Rim Light 1 light protrudes: 2 Materials - #1=Light #2=Case
Thin Bar Lite (light protrudes): 2 Materials - #2= Light #1 Case
Round light not included as a prop as it comes in a different AtoZ Light Set!

Included Figures:
Oval Lite 01a 10Xs
Oval Lite 01a 20Xs
Oval Lite 01a 30Xs
Oval Lite 01a 40Xs
Oval Lite 01a 50Xs
Oval Lite 01b 10Xs
Oval Lite 01b 20Xs
Oval Lite 01b 30Xs
Oval Lite 01b 40Xs
Oval Lite 01b 50Xs
Rnd Lite 01 10Xs
Rnd Lite 01 20Xs
Rnd Lite 01 30Xs
Rnd Lite 01 Triple Ring
Square Lite 01a 10Xs
Square Lite 01a 20Xs
Square Lite 01a 30Xs
Square Lite 01b 10Xs
Square Lite 01b 20Xs
Square Lite 01b 30Xs
Square Lite 02a 10Xs
Square Lite 02a 20Xs
Square Lite 02a 30Xs
Square Lite 02b 10Xs
Square Lite 02b 20Xs
Square Lite 02b 30Xs
Square Rim Lite 01a 10Xs
Square Rim Lite 01a 20Xs
Square Rim Lite 01a 30Xs
Square Rim Lite 01b 10Xs
Square Rim Lite 01b 20Xs
Square Rim Lite 01b 30Xs
Thin Bar Lite 01a 10Xs
Thin Bar Lite 01a 20Xs
Thin Bar Lite 01a 30Xs
Thin Bar Lite 01b 10Xs
Thin Bar Lite 01b 20Xs
Thin Bar Lite 01b 30Xs

I hope you enjoy the promotional pics and should you add this AtoZ offering to your libraries may I thank you in advance!

Legal Copyright 2020 Tim Machan's AtoZ, Inc.
Renderosity License in Documents Folder

Poser 7+

3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio