Ice Planet Zenon SF Backgrounds

Ice Planet Zenon SF Backgrounds

Come explore a planet out on the Galaxy's rim, where Winter is king. Zenon's long orbit around it's small yellow sun keeps everything at a frosty temperature year 'round, though there is plenty of life--and once, a mysterious civilization built strange objects--religious or mechanical, no one knows.

Here are 9 views in .jpg form of this planet for your Poser or Genesis people to explore, or for you to build your own structures and artifacts in the foreground, using the supplied images for background. You can either import them directly as backgrounds into Daz and Poser, or you can composite them in Photoshop, or any program that does layers.

Each image is 3000 pixels wide and 2200 pixels high, so you have plenty of room to compose your renders.

Requirements:  any system that can open and use .jpgs

3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio