Marshian Light Projection System for Iray

Marshian Light Projection System for Iray

One figure and one light… Now that’s all you need to produce the most dramatic lighting effects Daz has ever seen.

Introducing the Marshian Light Projection System for Iray.

Whether you’re working on a single figure or a highly complex scene, it has never been this easy to add truly amazing lighting effects to your Iray renders. Hyper-realistic, real world lighting and shadows. Full color glowing spirals and dazzling light patterns. The user friendly design means less learning, more creating and as we have found… more WOW!!! Simply look through the system’s camera to place the projection exactly where you want it, adjust the light’s intensity and hit render. The projector is powered by a standard DAZ spotlight and renders just as fast.

Included in the system are 50 custom-made presets that cover everything from the real world to the out of this world. Innovative, fast and easy. Fits into any space. Designed for large architectural scenes as well as intimate close-ups on a single figure. Totally simple and quick to use but packed with a variety of customizable features for those who really want to push the limits of light. Add multiple projectors to your scenes to make your background stunning and watch your figures jump off the screen. It’s a light unlike any other. Developed exclusively by the Marshian Brothers for Iray. Honestly, it’s the most fun we’ve ever had with Daz Studio.

Simple Instructions included. Also check the forum Commercial thread.

What's Included and Features

  • 1 Light Preset: (DUF)
    • Marshian Light Projection System
    • Includes projector prop, positioning camera, and spotlight
  • 52 Materials Presets:
    • MLP Blue Spiral
    • MLP Deco Rosette
    • MLP Green Spike Rosette
    • MLP Art Nouveau Rosette
    • MLP Bees and Flowers Spiral
    • MLP Crowd
    • MLP Electric Honeycomb
    • MLP Futuristic Tribal Ring
    • MLP Gradient 8
    • MLP Gradient Eleven Crop
    • MLP Gradient Eleven
    • MLP Gradient Five
    • MLP Gradient Four
    • MLP Gradient Nine
    • MLP Gradient One
    • MLP Gradient Seven
    • MLP Gradient Six
    • MLP Gradient Ten Crop
    • MLP Gradient Ten
    • MLP Gradient Three
    • MLP Gradient Twelve
    • MLP Gradient Two
    • MLP Green Orbs
    • MLP Power Rings
    • MLP Ruined City One B
    • MLP Ruined City Three
    • MLP Ruined City Two
    • MLP Rural One Trees
    • MLP Rural Two Farm
    • MLP Sci Fi Bubble Trees
    • MLP Sci Fi Floating City
    • MLP Sci Fi Power Plants
    • MLP Scifi City
    • MLP Skull Spiral
    • MLP Southwest Rosette 2.0
    • MLP Squiggles
    • MLP Steampunk Orbs
    • MLP Suburan Three
    • MLP Suburban One
    • MLP Suburban Two
    • MLP Symbol Cylinder
    • MLP Tribal Red and Purple
    • MLP Yellow and Orange Spots
    • MLP Mask LS Crack
    • MLP Mask LS
    • MLP Mask LS2
    • MLP Mask None
    • MLP Mask Sq
    • MLP Mask Vert
    • MLP Mask VertCrack
    • MLP Mask
    • MLP MaskOval
  • Textures Include:
    • 51 Texture Color and Transparency Maps (2100 x 2100 to 3000 x 3001)
  • Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)


  • This product includes:
    • 1 DSON Core Installer

Compatible Software:

DAZ Studio 4.9

Install Types:

Daz Connect, Install Manager, Manual Install

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