4K Metal Shader Presets 1 for Iray

4K Metal Shader Presets 1 for Iray

New from Handspan Studios, 4k Metal Shader Presets 1 for Iray. A series of richly textured metals and patterned metals with variable patinas. You can add as much or as little of each effect as your scene requires. You can control the color and brightness of the metals separately from the patinas which makes them very versatile. The patterns were chosen for their adaptability and would be at home in all kinds of scenes and scales from ancient artifact to sci-fi.

230 presets- Brass, Bronze, Copper, Iron and Steel in basic brushed, aged or assorted patina presets for each type and you can easily load in any of the other patina maps to explore different looks as well. Highly customizable and fun to use, many more combinations are possible. Plain metals plus 7 unique patterns and a large variety of patinas. The patinas are separate and the strength can be adjusted from subtle to super strong. As you turn up the patina the roughness of the patina area will also increase and vice versa. The maps are made such that the patinas will be strongest in the low spots and the shiny metal will be at the highest surface making for a very realistic and natural effect. Some metals also come with oily versions which is a slick rainbow top coat, also adjustable in strength via the diffuse overlay strength.

Both the patina textures and the metal patterns are seamlessly tiling maps and each could be used for other purposes. 4k texture resolution, 84 maps including bump, normal, specular and diffuse. Each patterned metal preset will load with the pattern normal in the topcoat bump slot as well but you can use the bumpy surface texture or brushed surface texture presets to change that for a slightly different effect. Includes utility presets to make normal and topcoat normals off, 50% and full strength. Tiling presets 1x-9x and Metalcity on, 50% and off.

This set is a merchant resource and can be used in making UV map textures for sale.

What's Included and Features

  • 4K Metal Shader Presets 1 for Iray:
    • 59 brass shaders
    • 35 bronze shaders
    • 53 copper shaders
    • 44 iron shaders
    • 39 steel shaders
    • 16 utility presets
  • 84 maps in 4k 4096x resolution including bump, normal, specularity and diffuse

Compatible Software:


Install Types:

Daz Connect, Install Manager, Manual Install