Leaping Trout Props

Leaping Trout Props

These are eight different poses of trout rising to the surface of a river or lake, and in some cases, leaping into the air. The trout are typical of Western USA streams and lakes. Each of the physically accurate poses includes the surface splashing water and foam exactly as they would be created by trout rising tor bugs or the fly of a fisherman.

Place any of these trout-splash models on the surface of your stream or lake. Note that one of the trout is just rising - it's body is mostly in the water. Another trout has a portion of its tail in the water. The surface splashes for all the trout can go just on the water surface, or just under it.

This package also includes two high resolution fly rods, one in "still pose" as it would lay on the ground or dock, and one in slightly bent casting position with the fishing line extended into the water. The still pose rod has a simple wet fly hooked to the "hook keeper" on the rod. The casting rod has the simple wet fly on the end of the line, of course. This rod is in a slight "pull-back" position - the fisherman has cast the line and is now pulling the rod backward, perhaps with a fish on the line. Or, perhaps just tempting the trout with the wet fly.

The package also includes two high resolution versions of a traditional basket creel. One is closed, as it would be if laid on the ground. The other has the lid open and there is a trout inside. An alternate military camouflage cloth texture is provided for the creel cloth edging - it can be used in place of the green and red wool tartan edging.

Both fly rods use a modern, lightweight anodized metal reel. Both rods are constructed so that you may change out the colors or materials for any of the component parts. (That is, you can make the rod be black or red or orange, if you like, and you can use any metal, cork, fiberglass or rubber material of your choosing for any of the metal, cork, fiberglass and rubber parts.)

The package is divided into two zip files to make for easier downloading. The eight trout models are each packaged within their own file folders and a reference image in the zip file allows you select the desired trout pose by number.

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