Songbird ReMix Birds of Prey Vol 1 - Kestrels, Hobbys & Falcons

Songbird ReMix Birds of Prey  Vol 1 - Kestrels, Hobbys & Falcons

Songbird ReMix Birds of Prey Volume 1 features Kestrels, Hobbys, Gryfalcons, Merlins and Falcons found throughout the world. Compatible with both Poser and DAZ Studio.

This Songbird ReMix Birds of Prey volume contains 14 species in the Falcon family; 18 birds in all. The Falcon family includes, as well as Falcons: Kestrels, Hobbys, Gyrfalcons, Merlins, Falconets and Pygmy-falcons. Falcons are one of the most successful evolutionary groups, dating their lineage back to the Miocene-Pliocene boundary (about 2.4-8 million years ago). Falcons have exceptional powers of vision, with their visual acuity measured at 2.6 times that of a normal human, and are amongst the most intelligent of birds; on par with corvids. They are the fastest creature on the planet, with Peregrine Falcons clocked at over 200mph (320km/h). Throughout history, culture and myth, Falcons have symbolized superiority, spirit, light, freedom and aspiration. The Falcon is an emblem for success, victory and rising above a situation. Egyptian Gods, Ra and Horus, both had falcon heads.

What's Included & Features:

  • Models
    • Songbird ReMix3 Falcon Base (.cr2/.obj format)
  • Bird Species (.pz2 and .duf formats)
    • Kestrels
      • American Kestrel (m/f)
      • Eurasian Kestrel (m/f)
      • Mauritus Kestrel (m)
      • Seychelles Kestrel (m)
    • Merlins & Gryfalcons
      • Merlin or Pigeon Hawk (pale morph male)
      • Gryfalcon (white morph male)
    • Hobbys
      • Australian Hobby (m)
      • Eurasian Hobby (m)
    • Falcons, Falconets & Pygmy-falcons
      • Aplomado Falcon (m)
      • Bat Falcon (m)
      • Peregrine Falcon (American and Eurasian males)
      • Collared Forest-falcon (m)
      • Pied Falconet (m)
      • White-rumped Pygmy-falcon (m/f)
  • Poses
    • BOP Attack1
    • BOP Dive
    • BOP Eat1
    • BOP Eat2
    • BOP Perch1
    • BOP Perch2
    • BOP Soar
    • Falcon Soar
    • Falcon Swoop
    • Prey-Dead Bat (for the Silverkey3D Bat - Model not included)
    • Prey-Dead Bird (for the Songbird ReMix Base - Model not included)
    • Prey-Dead Rat (for Noggin's Rat - Model not included)
    • Default pose (for resetting model)
  • Field Guide and Manual in .PDF format (Includes detailed information about behavior, nesting and range)
Compatible Software DAZ Studio 4.5+, Poser 8+
Release Date Oct 24, 2014
Animals for Poser and Daz Studio