Arachnid Class Transport

Arachnid Class Transport

Given the popularity of the Arachnid class of warships, the UEF and various other shipwrights have developed another in the long prestigious line of Arachnid class vessels. We proudly present to you the Arachnid transport. Featuring a more flexible modularity than some of the other clunkier warhorses, the Transport is more than capable of fulfilling everyone's needs! From barely armed racing yachts/transports to the more heavily armed mercenary gunships, the newest in the Arachnid Line will meet your every need.

Featuring larger engines, increased cargo capacity and more, this model is more than just a simple upgrade from the old, this an entirely new ship. With an increased modularity, this vessel has more flexibility in the range of missions it can undertake. Expect to see this ship flying the battlefields and cargo lanes near you soon!

Additional set pieces of the Cargo bay and the bridge are also included with additional options for ease of camera placement. The walls and ceilings are togglable to allow for clear lines of sight. Note: These are not meant for external camera shots.

Also included at no extra charge are the various munitions this product is capable of using. For your pleasure, we have main cannon shells, both whole and with projectile and casing separated, two types of missiles for your explosive needs and for those extra hard targets, a rail gun bolt with anti-matter charge. Also included for those visual effects, spotlight beams, and smart-propped turret projectiles.

What's Included and Features

  • Arachnid Class Transport: (.DUF)
    • Flight mode: Acceleration
    • Flight mode: Airbrakes deploy
    • Flight mode: Brake
    • Flight mode: Climb
    • Flight mode: Dive
    • Flight mode: Hover
    • Flight mode: Roll Left
    • Flight mode: Roll Right
    • Flight mode: Yaw Left
    • Flight mode: Yaw Right
    • Inner personnel doors open
    • Inner shutters open
    • Landing gear Fully deployed
    • Landing gear Landed
    • Lower belly doors open
    • Main doors open
    • Main Guns Spin
    • Observation chair Deploy/rest
    • Outer personnel door open
    • Outer shutters open
    • Personnel ramp open
    • Pilots chair deploy/rest
    • Port chair Deploy/rest
    • Starboard chair deploy/rest
    • Upper belly doors open
    • Vehicle platform Raise/lower
  • Bay only:
    • Belly doors open
    • Inner personnel doors open
    • Inner shutters open
    • Main door open
    • Main lift raise/lower
    • Outer personnel door open
    • Outer shutters open
    • Personnel ramp open
  • Bridge Only:
    • Pilots chair deploy/rest
    • Port chair deploy/rest
    • Starboard chair deploy/rest
  • Props:
    • Port aft flame
    • Port cannon shockwave
    • Port Main cannon muzzle flash
    • Port outrigger flame
    • Port spent cannon shell
    • Spotlights
    • Starboard aft flame
    • Starboard cannon shockwave
    • Starboard Main cannon muzzle flash
    • Starboard outrigger flame
    • Starboard spent cannon shell
    • Claymore missile
    • CP Unit Port:
      • Fully Articulated
    • CP Unit Starboard:
      • Fully Articulated
    • Fired cannon shell
    • Forward Turret set:
      • Fully Articulated
    • Heavy Arachnid Missile
    • Middle Turret Set:
      • Fully Articulated
    • Missile pods:
      • Fully Articulated
    • Port RG round
    • Port Sabot fired
    • Rear Turret set:
      • Fully Articulated
    • Starboard RG round
    • Starboard Sabot fired
    • Unfired cannon shell
    • Unfired rail gun round
    • Unfired Sabot
    • Aft left turret fire:
      • Turret Fire
    • Aft right turret fire:
      • Turret Fire
    • CP unit turret fire:
      • Turret Fire
    • Forward turret left fire:
      • Turret Fire
    • Forward turret right fire:
      • Turret Fire
    • Middle turret left fire:
      • Turret Fire
    • Middle turret right fire:
      • Turret Fire
  • Material Options:
    • Atmospheric engines off
    • Atmospheric engines on
    • Auxilliary engines off
    • Auxilliary engines On
    • Hull glass clear
    • Hull glass clear.tip
    • Hull glass polarized
    • Hull glass polarized.tip
    • Main engines off
    • Main engines on
    • Outer hull re-entry char Clear
    • Outer hull re-entry char clear.tip
    • Outer hull re-entry char
    • Outer hull re-entry char.tip
    • Port forward thrust off
    • Port forward thrust on
    • Port reverse thrust off
    • Port reverse thrust On
    • Starboard forward thruster off
    • Starboard forward thruster on
    • Starboard reverse thrust off
    • Starboard reverse thrust on
  • Textures Include:
    • 108 Texture, Bump, Displacement, Normal, Reflection, Transparency and Specular Maps (199 x 467 to 4118 x 4099)
  • Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)


  • This product includes:
    • 1 DSON Core Installer
  • Additional Products used in Promo Images:
    • Blue Planet - Orbital View
    • Iray Clouds

Compatible Software:

DAZ Studio 4.9

Install Types:

Daz Connect, Install Manager, Manual Install