AtoZ Kudos Base Wall Plus I v1

AtoZ Kudos Base Wall Plus I v1

AtoZ Kudos Base Wall Plus I v1
For Poser 7+ and DAZ Studio 3D
Circular Base Wall with articulated doors via 1 ERC ... Eight Wall textures ... Four NEW Kudos Terrains with multiple Textures AND Two "Flatter" Bonus Terrains and textures!

Protect your Bases and Colonies!

OK, so the if you already have the AtoZ Kudos Base Access port*, you may have realized that it would be hard to defend against ground attack, even though it's in a crater! Well, here's one AtoZ solution to that problem. The AtoZ Kudos Base Wall I v1 is an thick high circular wall whose doors are articulated, opening and closing using one ERC! It not only comes with multiple Poser MAT Poses and DAZ 3D Materials(wall) and Shaders(terrains) but also comes with two additional terrains!

Each terrain comes in two formats. You get each with both a "cut out" section for the AtoZ Kudos Base Access port* (you may own) and if you don't have this model, there's a version of the terrain that's not "cut out" that you can use for any other base you might want to place on it inside the circular wall! This high wall can be easily resized to suit your needs as its texture files are very high resolution.

Poser files are in: Runtime>
Geometries>TJM>Kudos & Terrains
Textures>TJM>Kudos & Terrains>Kudos
Libraries>Character>TJM>Kudos>Kudos Base
Libraries>Pose>TJM>Kudos>Kudos Base &

DAZ3D files are in My Library>
Runtime> Folders as listed above.
Presets>Materials>TJM>Kudos>Kudos Base
Scene Subsets>Kudos AtoZ>Kudos Base
Scene Subsets>Kudos AtoZ>Kudos Terrains

This Readme file is included in both versions and .zip source files.

Should you decide to add this AtoZ creation to your Poser or DAZ 3D Libraries, may I thank you in advance.

All Renderosity agreements and licensing apply.

copyright 2019 Tim Machan's AtoZ, Inc. a.k.a. AtoZ

*AtoZ Kudos Base Access I v1 is not included.

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