AtoZ Massive Series V I v1

AtoZ Massive Series V I v1

AtoZ Massive Series V I v1
You know? There are some military and scientific bases in which the AtoZ SkyRails just don't work... But then there's all that wasted space when such a system isn't needed! Enter Massive V for 2020! This unique product offers you SO MANY options... Maybe you just want to ramp up the floor to maybe mate with some Urban Future set you might own? OR better yet, you create an entirely new Massive Complex integrating Massive V using your own imagination!
You get not only the Massive V piece but also an extra Massive V adjustable roadway/ramp? Plus the absolutely cool AtoZ MAGIC Railing! It can do so many things! And then there's the Extra Long Massive V Tunnel AND the AtoZ Extra Long Roadway/ramp!
Plus two way cool "Joiner" rings each with a different fastener density(more Bolts or Less Bolts). And two different stretchable Beams to use as Roadway Supports. And, last but not least included are AtoZ Massive V !Pre(loads) in Figures
The files are in:

.obj files: (

.jpg files:

Runtime>Libraries>Character>TJM>Construction>Massive 1 Plus>Massive V 2020

Runtime>Libraries>Props>TJM>Construction>Massive 1 Plus>Massive V 2020

Runtime>Libraries>Pos>TJM>Construction>Massive 1 Plus>Massive V 2020

Here's what's included...

LIST of files:

!Pre Massive V 1 Plus Road
!Pre Massive V Ext Long W Road
!Pre MV 2 Magic Railings N Gate
Half Tunnel Road
Massive V Extra Long 1
Massive V Gate 1 Railing
Massive V Magic Railing 1
Massive V One
Massive V Railings 2Xs
Massive V Road 1 Ext Long
Massive V Road 1

Massive V Beam 1
Massive V Beam 2
Massive V Ramp Wall
Massive V Seal Ring 1
Massive V Seal Ring 2
Massive V Twin 2 Rings
in > Smart
Massive V Wall 1 Smart
Massive V Wall 2 Smart
MV Ring 1 Inner Smart
MV Ring 1 Outer Smart
MV Ring 2 Inner Smart
MV Ring 1 Outer Smart

MV Beam 1 MAT 1
MV Beam 2 MAT 1
MV Seal Ring Default MAT
MV Seal Ring Mat 1

AtoZ hopes you'll enjoy this next rejuvenated 2020 Massive Series Model from AtoZ!

I hope you decide to add this AtoZ offering to your Libraries, if you do so, may I thank you in advance!

ENJOY! (exuberant shout... not yelling:)

Note any and all vehicles, terrains, characters, hair, clothing, weapons or robots seen in the promo pics that aren't listed above are not included.
Legal Copyright 2020 Tim Machan A2Z ltd
Renderosity License in Documents Folder

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