Small Urban Apartment

Small Urban Apartment

Not all 3D characters can afford a luxury villa. This apartment is a lot more affordable.
It's a single floor apartment in a simple 3 storey apartment building with a staicase.
The apartment is furnished and almost all furniture can be used in other scenes too. The doors and windows can de opened and the roof and the outer walls can be hidden for easy camera access.
A complete set of light presets in 3 different qualities and some camera presets are included too.
The apartment is quite versatile, with only the basic material room knowledge you can change the color or material of the walls and furniture. You can reposition the furniture, or use the empty apartment to furnish it yourself.
The apartment model comes with a complete set of easy to use dials to open door, windows, cabinets and curtains, and to hide the walls and ceiling. These dials are located in the main "body" part.

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Software: Poser 7+

Architecture for Poser and Daz Studio