Beach River

Beach River

Every now and then, water comes back to the ocean as a river or stream. Here's one. Comes out of the forest, crosses the beach, enters the ocean. Sometimes part of it would be under the waves, but that's the way it is.
Made for a messy beach crossing and one of the reasons I always pack more than one pair of shoes. (The first pair needs time to dry out while you're out taking *another* hike in the second pair.)
I did my best to edit out all the little annoying things one doesn't want in backgrounds. Got rid of power poles in about 4 pictures, plus road signs and such. (The shrubbery at the top of the headland still looks a little odd, but not as odd as the power poles did.) Actually managed to erase the fence in one, but there is still a faint fence back in the forest in two photos. The people walking along the beach are gone also.
These photos were taken in 2011, but left this long because...yes, they did take editing to make them publishable.
Photos were taken at different times of day, different walks, but mostly in the same general location. This gives a variety of lighting, if you're doing a series of pictures in one setting...

NINE PHOTOS at 4000x3000, 180 dpi

Software: Photoshop

Stock Photography for Daz Studio and Poser