HDRI Scene Files 2

HDRI Scene Files 2

Contains the HDRI HLKroomB and five scenes for Bryce 7.1 made with this HDRI by David Brinnen. There is a description for each scene. There are simpler and more advanced scenes for users being moderately familiar with Bryce and for advanced users.

Though the HDRIs can be used with Bryce 6.1 the scenes make use of IBL and Material features only available in Bryce 7.1 Pro.

Required Products
Bryce 7 Pro
Compatible 3D Software
What's Included & Features
  • 1 HDRI diffuse convolved specular map as low resolution light probe for Bryce 6+.
  • 1 HDRI low resolution light probe for Bryce 6+.
  • HDRI high resolution light probe for Bryce 6+.
  • 5 Example scenes that can be used as a base for own work, using the HDRI supplied.
    • Scene_2_01 is a landscape with the specular map of the HDRI as backdrop, the scene is lit by IBL and the Bryce sun.
    • Scene_2_02 is a landscape lit by the Bryce sun, the HDRI provides ambient light.
    • Scene_2_03 is a render in natural environment, using a shadow catcher.
    • Scene_2_04 is a render in natural environment, using shadow and reflection catchers.
    • Scene_2_05 is render employing the reflections of the backdrop as only light.
  • HTML files that can be viewed in a web browser showing and explaining the particulars of each scene. It features a page with links to all videos pertaining IBL, and shadow and reflection catchers. A QTVR movie permits to examine the full environment of the HDRI.