3DA Calixte

3DA Calixte

Calixte by 3-D Arena is a stunning, versatile character for Genesis 3 Female.

Calixte features a custom morph, however she does have a "longer neck" option that will require Genesis 3 Body Morphs, this option is NOT required. Calixte includes a custom body, nipples, nails, and of course her head.

As with all current 3-D Arena characters for Genesis 3 n you can select the eyeliner of your choice to be applied over her makeup, you can even mix eyeliners for different looks, creating a variety of options!

Calixte can get tribal as well. Her 4 Tribal Accent options can be applied over any makeup/eyeliner combo of your choosing, then you may adjust the strength & the colours of the markings.

☆ Included ☆

Shaping: [custom morphs]

- Calixte Character Preset
- Calixte Head Apply & Remove
- Calixte Body Apply & Remove
- Neck Longer & Default
- Nipple Apply & Remove
- Round Nails Apply & Remove

MATS in IRay:

- Full Skin MAT
- No Makeup MAT
- Blush Only option
- 07 "Everyday" Makeup Options
- 03 Mask Painted Face Paints
- 04 Tribal Accent Styles
- 03 Tribal Accent Strength options
- 08 Tribal Accent Colours
- 04 Eyeliner L.I.E. options
- 03 Eyelash styles
- 10 Lip Colours + Nude
- 08 Eye Colours
- 01 French Nails
- 07 Solid Colours

Software: Daz Studio 4, DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

Compatible figures: Genesis 3 Female

Requirements:  Genesis 3 Female Body morphs - neck length only

Compatible figures: 
Characters for Poser and Daz Studio